4 Benefits of A Scissor Lift in A Warehouse and How to Use One Safely

The scissor lift table is handling equipment designed to lift loads in industries and warehouses. The scissor lift lifts loads via crisscrossing supports, which lie beneath the table. The supports work via mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic power to raise loads to required heights. Some models reach heights of up to 60 feet, and up to a weight of 5000 kgs. Scissor lifts’ ability to lift heavy loads makes them very popular in industries where constant load lifting is a necessity.

There are various benefits of using hydraulic scissor lifts in warehouses such as:

Improvement in Productivity

In loading and palletizing jobs, the positioning of the scissor lift table at the required height for a particular job reduces the cycle times by improving the loading efficiency. If you multiply the reduced cycles multiple times, and across different workstations, you find that the amount of time saved translates to more productivity.

Variety of Options

A scissor lift’s lifting options are not limited, which gives a warehouse the versatility of finding the right scissor lift for their operations. The lift tables have a wide variety of platform and base sizes and heights to which they can fully extend, which ensures warehouse companies can choose the right model. You can get your scissor lift from an esteemed equipment hire here if you are looking for affordable rental options for your warehouse equipment.

Reduce Workplace Injuries

Back injuries are among the most common injuries in warehouses and caused by people attempting to lift heavy objects. A scissor lift table offers a convenient method of lifting items to the desired height. This also removes the risk of back strains from horizontal and vertical plane lifting.

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) refers to damage to the nervous or musculoskeletal system caused by constant vibrations, use, or extended periods in one position. RSI is standard with warehouse and factory workers. The use of a scissor lift is crucial in preventing such injuries.


Portable scissor lifts table designs are also available, which enhance their flexibility. The Sax lift table can be used in multiple locations within the warehouse. There is no need to purchase a lift for every department, but you can rotate the available ones to where they may be required. If you need to use them outdoors, they are suited for the task. A lift’s portability is a significant part of factors to consider when purchasing a scissor lift.

The improper use of a scissor lift table is dangerous to workers. Ensure the workers know how to operate the lift beforehand to prevent injuries. Here are a few tips on using the scissor lift safely:

Choose the Proper Equipment

Choosing the right Sax lift for your warehouse needs is the beginning of the safety enhancement procedures. Using the wrong lift for your warehouse operations is dangerous and breaks the set industry regulations. The improper use of scissor lifts exposes your workers to avoidable injuries.


Overloading the scissor lift table beyond the weight recommended by the manufacturer may cause the lift to collapse. This may lead to severe injuries to the workers and damage to property.


Maintenance is crucial in the safe use of a scissor lift table. If the lift gets poor maintenance, it may fail, causing injury, or stalling production.

Worker Gear

While the scissor lift table is meant to enhance safety, the workers need to wear protective gear while at the workplace. Accidents happen, and wearing the safety gear goes a long way in reducing the severity of an accident in the event it occurs.

Load Placement

Correctly placing the load is also a way of enhancing safety. A weight can slip and fall on the workers if the load is not properly set, causing severe injuries or even fatalities. Wrong load placement also accelerates the scissor lift’s wear and tear, meaning you have to replace your equipment after a short while.


Having a scissor lift table in your warehouse makes a significant difference in terms of safety and productivity. Scissor lift tables are versatile and height-adjustable. The scissor lift tables have myriad benefits, including the prevention of repetitive stress injuries. However, to use the Sax lift table properly, the few outlined steps, such as protective gear and proper maintenance, need to be adhered to.


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