3 Ways to Excel as a Sales Team Manager

When you’re managing a sales team, the skills you developed during past experiences as a salesperson aren’t necessarily going to give you everything you need to hone the best team possible. Earning an increase in profits month after month has more to do with how great you are at leading and teaching than it does with being great at closing deals.

Being a sales team manager takes a different set of skills than being an accomplished sales person or account executive. If you’re just beginning to lead your first sales team or you’re looking to get better results out of the sales team you’ve been managing, these tips will help show you how to teach any of your salespeople how to be a cold calling rockstar and give you that boost in performance that you’re looking for.

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  1. Motivating Your Team

Increasing productivity has everything to do with being great at motivating your team. In sales, confidence is everything. Buteven if you’ve found confidence to come easy in your sales career, it requires a different skill to be able to instill confidence in others.

You can give all the compliments you want, but when it comes to boostingsomeone else’s confidence, nothing works to motivate a new sales person like when they see their own successes happen. You can help to create this motivating factor by rewarding your team members’ small victories by providing incentives.

  1. Getting the Help of Sales Recruiters

Being a great team leader is all about being able to build the best team possible. When you hire a sales recruiter to give your team help, you know that you’ll be getting new salespeople who are top-of-the-line. If you want results, there’s no comparison to having the best that are available in the job pool.

Professional sales recruiters can spot any weaknesses in your team as well as strengths to build on. When you have a sales recruiter assess your team and hire according to their suggestions, your team’s productivity can quickly soar.

  1. Team-Building

While it’s important that the members of your sales team remain competitive as a whole, keep in mind that competition isn’t everything in the world of sales. Developing a team’s cooperative skills will help them work together with a view towards developing more complex, long-term sales strategies.

It will also give your team the opportunity to try out inventive new solutions to tackle common problems.After all,in the most critical moments, sales meetings that involve two people working together can often yield better results than a single person tackling the same issue.

When you want to build a sales team to reach beyond its current capacities, the answer lies in developing your skills as a sales manager. Sometimes the best way to be a great manager is to know when to seek the help of a sales recruitment professional who has years of experience and can put their expertise to work for you to bring your sales team above the rest.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.