3 Ways to Determine the Best Cell Phone Apps for Your Phone

You will find cell phone apps for almost everything today. All you need to do is hop on to the Play Store and download an app that appeals to you. If you end up disliking it, you can easily uninstall it. You can do hit and trial as many times as you want, but that can be a time-consuming process.

The first thing to know is what type of app you are looking for. For instance, knowing which one is the right one for you, from the various spyware apps out there can be a challenge too.

Similarly, if you are looking for video calling apps or messenger apps, there are a good many alternatives. However, we are sure you would want to do more with your smartphone than just install some great apps. You might want to store movies and pictures or just install some great games. How do you go about it?

The 3 Easy Ways to Make Things Easy For You

There are some easy ways to determine the best cell phones that you can get.

  1. Be clear about your phone’s storage capacity:

If your phone comes with a fixed memory, then you need to be careful about the apps you keep on your phone. Companies usually advise against shifting apps onto an external SD card because you might lose data in the future because of it. However, you can turn this limitation to your advantage. Make a list of your priorities first- work (especially at a software development company), games, entertainment, studies, and more.

Now that you have sorted that out, enumerate the most important apps you will need from each category. Install them in the same order. If your phone’s internal memory gets too full, it might start malfunctioning. Try to choose apps that do not consume a lot of space and operate online instead.

  • Read reviews and suggestions:

You will be surprised to know that there are some apps out there which work best with certain kinds of phones. Reading a large number of reviews will give you a broad idea about which apps are popular among the users of your phone brand.

You can also go through the reviews and rating left on the app in the Play Store to understand what the user experience might be like before you download it. You will also find suggestions in the Play Store that have been curated based on your history.

  • Learn about the costs:

A large number of developers end up tagging their apps with inbuilt costs, but you often do not realise how essential they are. You might see that you will need to pay money even when trying to advance to Level 2 of a game. Find out if the apps are actually free, and how smooth an experience they will give you. Ads can also be very annoying when you are trying to do work so go for apps that do not come with a host of banners.

Don’t settle for anything the best!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.