3 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Drive Thru’s Tech

Sometimes, a drive thru at a restaurant seems like it takes forever. Waiting in a long line that barely move. When you finally reach the drive thru window, your order is wrong. Soon enough, you’re complaining to the manager about the service. You wonder why the drive thru is slower than getting the food inside. 

A fast drive thru often is on a digital system so the employees can work on preparing the food as quickly as possible. If you’ve got customers harping on you about your drive thru lane, maybe it’s time to reconsider your process. Check out the following signs telling you to update your system.

1. Your Drive Thru Menu isn’t Digital 

Are the images on your drive thru menu desaturated and fading? Do you have individual letter pieces spelling out your menu items?

digital drive thru menu gives you many benefits. For one, your employees aren’t wasting time to physically changing it when a new item is added, or one is discarded. The images will appear brighter, and customers won’t get confused. A digital menu allows for price changes and food additions to go smoothly. Your customers won’t wait as long when they can see everything on the list on a bold, bright display. 

2. Your Employees and Customers Both Have to Repeat Themselves

Do your employees hear static on the drive thru headset?

Inadequate or outdated headsets suffer from static interruptions and repeatedly asking the customer to repeat themselves. This is very time-consuming. An issue like this shows that your drive thru communication system is ready to retire, and needs an immediate upgrade for the entire restaurant. It might also be wise to consider getting new and improved headsets. 

3. You Still Only Have One Ordering Speaker/Window

If you’re still operating with the old order speaker/window routine, you could be missing out on revenue. Consider the power in adding more ordering terminals. This allows you to accommodate more customers and avoid long annoying lines. It provides the drive thru the speed it needs to keep customers happy. Sticking with paper and pencil ordering at one designated window sets your restaurant back. Increase all turnaround times that keep your customers returning. With new tech, your accuracy regarding orders and delivery time will be spot on. 

Why Should I upgrade?

Consider these three reasons to upgrade your drive thru technology. Look at your restaurant’s drive thru process to determine what you’re doing that could use some improvements. It won’t take much to notice if your customer’s are unhappy. Having them struggle through the order process often makes them go somewhere else. 

A digital menu gives customers clarity. The customer experience will enhance and create more visits. A stronger communication system prevents mistakes and speeds up delivery times. Get rid of old outdated headsets that don’t work and cause problems with transmission. Continuing with this system will only help you lose customers. Why have your customers stand in line at only one terminal? It’s a real sign your losing valuable revenue. Opening up more than one order line is a smart step in the right direction. You’ll quickly find that your new drive thru tech is the way to go. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.