3 Departments Your Small Business Can Reliably Outsource

Running a business is hard. There are so many marketing strategies to try, HR procedures to implement, and accountants to hire. Small businesses can easily get swamped with daily tasks.

So, 10 years ago the Harvard Business Review stated that small businesses should outsource 3 departments: Accounting, IT support, and Marketing.  These groups of people can be hired to do their respective jobs so you don’t have to.

Small businesses must stay on top of current trends, software/hardware updates, etc., to stay afloat. Small business owners can spend so much time on such tasks rather than focusing on the money making aspect of their business.

Focusing on your company is key to success, and outsourcing will give you more time for that!  Here’s a breakdown of each department:


Accountants deal with taxes and payrolls. Small businesses will need to pay self-employment taxes, quarterly sales taxes, and deal with payroll every month . Small business owners should not have to worry about these. Use an outsourced accounting service that can do all of this for you!  You don’t want your accountant having access to the financial information of your company anyway.

IT Support

Small businesses need to keep their hardware up-to-date and running smoothly. Small business owners waste too much time buying new computers/software, installing the software, etc. IT support professionals can take care of all that for you!  Let someone else worry about your company’s technology; it could be the difference between success and failure.


Small businesses spend valuable time trying to figure out where they should promote their products/service. Small business owners have too much on their plates and cannot afford to take time away from the actual business. Marketing professionals can do all that for you! Small businesses benefit a lot more from a marketing professional than an average Joe would, because they are targeting customers who are actually interested in the product/service. 

Small businesses need to advertise where people who would be interested in their product/service are hanging out, for example advertising at your local farmers market vs. driving down the street with a megaphone and shouting “SAVE MONEY! BUY HERE!”

Overall: Small businesses need to focus on what’s important- their business. Small businesses should not be bogged down with daily tasks that will only distract them from the big picture. Small business owners can outsource these departments and focus on what matters most, their company!

Chris Turn