13 Useful LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Digital marketing is a powerful tool that can enable your small business to stand toe to toe with the big names in the industry. In fact, implementing a well-planned digital marketing strategy can significantly improve your lead generation as well as boost conversions. In particular, LinkedIn is a popular platform for growing your network and building long-lasting relationships in the industry. 

Are you new to LinkedIn? It’s absolutely possible to make the most out of LinkedIn with a limited marketing budget. In this post, we’re sharing our top tips to refine your online presence and find valuable connections on LinkedIn. 

  1. Make a Great Profile

Start by making your personal public profile on LinkedIn. Rather than just filling out various sections, be more intentional with what you’re sharing. Your profile not only shows up on LinkedIn but also on Google search. Remember, it is a much more professional space than other social media platforms. Use a high-quality professional headshot, specify your skills, get endorsements and send connections. blatantly

  1. Create a Company Page

After you’re done with your personal profile, it’s time to focus on your company page. Any prospective buyer or vendor is likely to take a look at your company page before doing business with you. Your LinkedIn page is a business card as well as a billboard for your company. 

  1. Check Out Your Competition

If you have no idea where to begin, it would be helpful to check out the competition. Go through your competitors’ pages to learn what works and what doesn’t. Particularly, you should look for topics and content that receive a lot of engagement. That being said, don’t  plagiarize the content, since it can severely damage your credibility.

  1. Create Valuable Content

Just promoting your products or services isn’t an ideal LinkedIn marketing strategy. To become an authority in the industry, you should know what your audience is interested in and share valuable content accordingly. Identify the specific challenges faced by your clients and curate content that provides useful solutions. 

  1. Do Basic SEO

Whether you’re writing a company page summary or a detailed guide, it’s important to do basic search engine optimization to make your content rank higher. However, don’t practice keyword stuffing that can impact the readability of your content and the overall success of the post. Make sure you only include the most relevant keywords. 

  1. Follow Industry Leaders

It’s crucial to be up to date with the latest news and trends to establish yourself as an authority in the industry. Follow industry leaders, influencers, and other trendsetters. Regularly go through your news feed to ensure you’re aware of recent developments in your industry.

  1. Join Relevant Groups

Unlike Facebook, there is a limited number of groups you are allowed to join on LinkedIn. Therefore, you should be picky about joining groups. Look for groups that are active and the most relevant to your business. Also, to become a valuable member of the group, you should follow the specified rules and engage in conversations. 

  1. Utilize Paid Ads

Whether you’re looking for new employees for your growing business or you want to give your content a boost, LinkedIn advertising is the way to go. Sponsored content will be visible on your ideal prospect’s feed, which can encourage engagement. This helps with making your content available to the right audience. 

  1. Set Clear Goals

Implementing a bunch of measures and hoping they work isn’t the best use of LinkedIn. Whether you want to build a network of 1000 connections in a month or increase your lead generation by 20%, it’s necessary to have clear and specific goals. You should also regularly track and monitor your efforts to ensure they’re delivering results. 

  1. Be Consistent

It’s no secret that things move fast in the digital space. If you want your brand to stay relevant and make an impact, then being consistent is the key. Visit your profile every day to comunicate in groups, interact with professionals, accept and send connections. Additionally, come up with a strict posting schedule and stick to it. 

  1. Cross-Promote

Cross-promote your website, blog, Facebook, and other social media profiles on your company page. This strengthens your overall online presence. 

  1. Grow Your Network

You cannot rush the process of building valuable professional relationships. Think it through before approaching a prospective client. Do your research to find what your prospects are looking for or if they’re facing any issues. Use this opportunity to offer them an effective solution. 

  1. Respond to Engagement

If people are liking, commenting, sharing your post, this is an excellent opportunity to build new relationships. You should thank them for their engagement and send them connection requests. 

The Bottom Line

LinkedIn is one the most credible social media platforms to help you gain professional authority in the industry. Once you get the hang of it, LinkedIn is pretty easy to use. Even with a limited budget and time, you can easily incorporate the aforementioned tips to boost your online presence. 

Stefan Smulders is a SaaS Entrepreneur | Bootstrapped to €3M ARR in just 1year | Founder of Worlds safest software for LinkedIn Automation Expandi.io | Vegan | Father