Why Businesses Should Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney

By law, every business must have workers compensation insurance. This insurance not only benefits the worker but the employer too. There may come a day when your business may need such an attorney.

How do we know when to get a workers compensation attorney? What reasons would we need an attorney for? Hopefully, by the end of this article, you have a pretty good idea, as to when to lawyer up.

What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

To understand this type of attorney is, we must first understand what the insurance policy is. According to the website of Jason D. Mills & Associates, “Workers’ compensation insurance, also referred to as workman’s comp is no-fault insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to workers who are injured on the job.”

Not only does this policy protect the worker when they are injured but the business as well. The insurance prevents the worker from suing the company for their injuries. Depending on the state, employers may be required to provide workers compensation in the event of injury.

Why a Business May Need an Attorney:

Traditionally lawyers are hired by the worker and not the business. If this is usually the case, why should you hire a lawyer?  Here is when you would need legal representation.

A workers compensation attorney can only benefit you and your business. A lawyer that specializes in this area of law can help you prevent any injuries to workers. In the case of an employee getting injured, the attorney can assist with the proceedings.

The lawyer can also help decide when he or she will be needed. The attorney can help businesses define what injuries constitute the insurance policy. Hiring an attorney in this area of law may even protect the business further.

What Injuries Are Covered By This Insurance?

Knowing what injuries qualify for this insurance policy can prevent said injuries. An advantage of this insurance is that no matter who is at fault, it still covers the workers. There are many types of injuries, but how do we know when a claim is necessary?

The most common types of injuries seen by these attorneys are, lifting injuries, amputations of the limbs or digits, and violence in the workplace. Other examples of such injuries are severe burns caused by fires, chemicals or steam, motion injuries caused by repetitive motions, and electrocutions.

Workers are also protected against accidents involving faulty safety equipment or machinery, being exposed to hazardous chemicals, and work-related auto accidents. 

Another bonus of this insurance policy is that firefighters and police officers can claim for diseases caused by their jobs. Slip and fall accidents such as falls from great heights are also commonly seen by these lawyers.

To Sum It All Up

Hiring an attorney and knowing what injuries to look out for can protect the company. Depending on the state you and your business are in, you must have this insurance policy.

Unfortunately, in some states, certain types of workers are not covered by this policy. Having an attorney in this area of law on staff will help you know who these employees are.


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