What Are Business Support Services?

Business support services are typically administrative and clerical jobs that are needed for the full operation of a business but don’t necessarily fit into what the business normally does. These days, business support roles are often outsourced to outside teams. Reasons for this include staying focused on core operations, cost efficiency, flexibility with staff, and company growth. Business support services typically include teams to handle things such as human relations, technical needs, and accounting. Other activities, such as data entry, can be included under this umbrella as well. Hiring an outside business support service can save companies a great deal of time and money by handling essential, but often time consuming, tasks.

Human Resources

This business function typically focuses on recruiting and managing people within the company. It also deals with a variety of issues ranging from compensation and benefits to safety training. Many businesses now choose to outsource HR functions to dedicated teams. An effective HR department is invaluable to a business, as it will motivate employees, be adaptable to change, and be greatly invested in company success.

An advantage of outsourcing this department is that teams focusing specifically on HR functions have the time to stay researched on the constantly changing regulations and legal requirements. Additionally, there are benefits beyond simple efficiency. A dedicated HR team will be able to further employee development at a fast pace as well as devote more time to customer interactions and services. This will maintain a positive environment at all levels of the organization.

Information Technology

With today’s level of technological involvement in every step of a business, a good IT department is an absolute necessity. While many will think of them as the people who answer incoming calls to help with the top ten IT Issues, the truth is there is much more to the department’s responsibilities.

The IT department helps greatly with business efficiency by offering ways to automate as many tasks as possible to save human labor. They are also responsible for the basic networks allowing for quick and effective communication across all levels of the business. There would simply be no functionality without the IT department.

This department will also handle all application development for businesses. This is vital for business growth as it allows the business to set itself apart from, and even surpass, competitors. Finally, this department generally handles a company’s online presence from creation of the site to overseeing maintenance and changes.


This is a business function that covers a wide spectrum from payroll and bookkeeping to setting future financial goals for the company. It might seem counterintuitive at first to trust such an important element to outside sources, but there can be some great advantages to outsourced accounting.

Particularly for startups or smaller businesses, an outside accounting service can enforce good practices from the beginning and avoid some of the most common mistakes new companies often make. They can also provide valuable insight into ways to improve the company’s financial standing instead of just keeping the books up to standard. Outsourced teams are also easily adaptable to changing needs if the company is growing. Best of all, any practices picked up from an outsourced team are yours to keep forever if you decide to have an in-house team in the future. It’s an investment that continues to pay off.

Whether you’re working with an in-house team or outsourced services, the business support spectrum is vital to any company. Core operations may be down to a perfect science, but without proper support, all that effort could go to waste.