The Best Practices for Improving Warehouse Security

When it comes to warehouse and logistics deploying the best security practices is not an easy feat. 

There are several elements involved related to the surmounting threats. We asked a security agency and some of the factors highlighted by them included theft prevention, surveillance, fire & safety, disaster recovery, data security and environmental monitoring. Back in the days, warehouse managers would find a suitable foreman and designate the responsibility to him so he can manage it all on his own. 

Now, things have dramatically changed. We have entered into a new era, an era where everything is to be precisely focused before deployment. Today, there are several facets of security which need to be concerned. And to highlight a few, we are going to discuss them in depth & detail. 

Are you eager to learn what are the best security practices for improving warehouse safety? Read on. 

Manual Data Entry Practices Should Be Revamped

As per Motorola Solutions, the leading technology company investing in millions of gadgets and appliance manufacturing around the world, we are living in a time where mobile computers have become the norm of the society. Barcode scanners and RFID readers have become a sublime way of checking the entry of a product upon arrival. Warehouses which are unable to adapt to this new technology are experiencing a significant setback. Modern day warehouses should eliminate the process of manual data entry when it comes to product listing. With a barcode scanner and other modern technological gadgets, the need for identification, counting & data entry can significantly be minimized. 

Introducing Motion Detection

Nowadays, motion detection is considered the backbone of security systems for kiln dried firewood for sale

The motion detection feature can help identify potential threats easily. They go off when somebody walks over them and trips a sensor letting the alarm go off. As a result, it sends ready signals to your security system control panel and voila, the authorities get notified in a blink. An alarm goes off somewhere specifically a central monitoring system. The monitoring system is usually active 24/7. 

This central monitoring operates 24/7 ensuring maximum safety measures for the warehouse. 

Installing the Best Perimeter Protection

Does your warehouse have a fairly large surrounding area? Are there potential loopholes through which anyone can easily enter within your premises and steal your stocked up inventories? 

The bigger the yard, the better should be the security of your place. It’s because big areas have lots of potential vulnerabilities which are not identifiable by a person until a break-in takes place. 

A few security practices that one can take in order to secure the perimeter of their place is by installing the best IP cameras for video surveillance. Other practices include glassbreak detection, door protection, optimal perimeter warehouse security system, etc. 

Integrating Remote Notification Technology

Searching for the best option to safeguard the interior/exterior of your facility? It’s best that you turn on the remote notifications feature on your mobile technology. The increasing benefit of doing this is to manage and observe high-traffic areas within your building. Now whether you’re back at home or taking your pet for vaccination or roaming around at a grocery store, you can check on the security of your warehouse. You will receive a notification on your smartphone in case of a break-in. 

All you need is a stable Internet connection or a ready phone service. 

Get Top of the Line Lock Systems If You’re in Brooklyn

If you’re in the state of Brooklyn, then getting top-of-the-line security features at your warehouse is something that is more of a necessity than just a need. And the first line of defense in your warehouse security project is to get the best lock systems installed. There are several different lock systems ranging from traditional locks to modern locks. Based on your personal requirements and your budget, you can install the best locks under the supervision of a professional locksmith in Brooklyn

Not only can they establish the perfect warehousing security, but goes a little beyond that and more. 

Warehouse security is very important. Do you own a warehouse in Brooklyn? What security measures are you taking to ensure maximum warehouse security. Let us know in the comments.

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