Perks of Getting a VPN for Business & Individuals

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of the most important tools to safeguard your cybersecurity and prevent criminals from accessing your data. It encrypts your data so even if someone gets their hands on it, it’s useless for them. It maintains your online privacy to the extent that even your IP address is replaced so no one can guess where you are operating from. In this digital age it is of utmost importance to get a VPN service since many of your devices and phones are prone to be attacked by hackers. It also allows you to access geo-restricted websites with the simple click of a button. It has many other benefits such as:

Benefits of Getting a VPN Service

Improved security – When you connect to the internet with a VPN, it secures your data by encrypting it. This protects you from a hacker’s eye. Getting hacked sounds unreal until it happens to you and therefore many people are extremely careless with their data on the internet. In today’s time there are more security breaches than ever before. Using a VPN for individual and business use greatly decreases the chances of your data being stolen.

Remote access – If you are using a VPN for your business, a great benefit of using a VPN is that you can access your data from anywhere. Employees and the management may be afraid of accessing business related information from public networks. With the use of a VPN, your employees can easily access data from anywhere without having to worry about data security issues. This greatly enhances the productivity of your business as you are not bound by a physical location to access your data. 

Secure File Sharing – Whether you’re a business or an individual, if you have to share data with a group, a VPN secures the network and protects your file sharing from cybercriminals. This too can improve your productivity as files can easily and remotely be shared with a group without the fear of any security breaches.

Access Blocked Websites – One of the greatest features of a VPN is that you can access blocked or restricted websites with the click of a button. For example if you travel a lot and want to set your Netflix region to your home country and access the American Netflix library, you can do so very easily with the click of a button with a VPN.

Faster Internet Speeds – As a VPN encrypts your online activities, this prevents your ISP (Internet Service Provider) from throttling your internet speed. ISPs throttle your speed when they detect that you are consuming more bandwidth but since you’re using a VPN your online activities cannot be detected and hence your ISP won’t be able to slow it down.

Reduce Business Cost & Prevent RansomwareOnce you setup a VPN network, there aren’t much maintenance costs and if you go for a service provider, surveillance is no more a concern as you are sure that your data is encrypted. However, a VPN can reduce business costs by protecting you from vulnerabilities caused by malicious links and ransomware. In the long run the simple subscription to a VPN network can save your business millions by protecting you from these issues.

Things to Consider when Opting for a VPN Service

While VPN services are a great tool for the protection of your data, it is very important to subscribe to a credible VPN, that’s great in every aspect. 

Always go for a Paid VPN service

There are a lot of VPN services available in the market, however not all VPNs are equal. A select few VPNs are able to successfully unblock and also protect your data while keeping no logs. In the case of a free VPN it is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED, the reason being that free providers don’t have the resources to set up complex systems that can bypass the restrictions imposed by high quality websites.

In fact, as free VPNs have no incentive to protect user data, they may sell your data to advertisers. According to research over 90% of free VPN services don’t even encrypt user data. It’s better to not have a VPN than to go for a free VPN.

Annika Bansal

Annika "The Chick Geek" is the founder of Small Business Sense shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners.