Necessary Steps To Get Compensated After a Business Car Accident

Getting into a car accident is a pretty traumatic experience, and if statistics are correct, they occur far more often than one would imagine. The aftermath can also be fairly complicated when you get into a car crash when on the clock and conducting business for your employer. Receiving compensation is extremely important, but having your employer in the mix can undoubtedly complicate things. 

If this sounds like you and you recently got hurt in a massive car accident while working, then be sure to follow the steps below.

Assess the Damage

While you might not be sure what to do in the immediate aftermath of a collision – you might just be thankful that you’re still alive – it’s important to note exactly what your losses are. This includes a tally of both the bodily harm done to you, as well as the damage done to your vehicle. Of course, the police will come onto the scene and will gather the necessary information to formulate a police report. You must take detailed notes of what has occurred and hand them to the police on the spot since this will determine how the compensation process occurs later on. In some situations if your vehicle is considered totaled you can get compensation from your insurance company but it depends on several factors. Determining a total loss car may depend on your insurance company. That’s why it is important to know what are your options and what happens after your car is considered totaled.

Witness Statements

As much as possible, gather the statements of those present at the scene, and make sure that they relay what they have seen to the police. Also, an accident attorney will advise you to gather their names and contact information and secure their assistance since it is in your best interest to have as much information and proof as possible. Eyewitness statements will allow you to more readily prove who is at fault and will ensure that the dealings with auto insurance companies are seamless. 

Take Photos

Another way to prove the fault is to take copious pictures of what has happened in the accident. It is important to capture the damage to the vehicle, and if you are comfortable, pictures of your injury. This is an added measure to protect you from the legal haranguing to come later.

See the Doctor

Of course, if you had the misfortune of getting stuck in a major car accident, then you will be taken to the hospital immediately. However, any health problems incurred by the accident might not be immediately evident, which is why it is imperative to see a doctor regardless. You might have unknowingly strained your neck or wrist, and will require physical therapy for a time. Regardless, asking your physician for a written statement will be incredibly helpful to your efforts for compensation since he or she will be able to vouch for your condition from a medical standpoint. 

Gather Your Notes and Bills

The next thing you need to do is organize all your bills, both medical and those related to auto repairs. Notate the costs incurred by this accident. Also, be sure to include in this portfolio the contact information of your witnesses, and the photos taken at the scene. Remember, the more organized you are here, the easier it will be to get the compensation you need straight away. 

Secure Legal Assistance

The next important step to take is for you to secure the services of an attorney straight away. While you are recovering from the accident and dealing with a totaled car, the last thing you can bear is to deal with all the insurance companies yourself. Furthermore, having your employer involved since you were basically on the clock when this happened adds another party that needs to be dealt with. This is a major complication and it is best to remove yourself from the situation. Having an attorney on your side will certainly make things less terrible to deal with. 

The extent of your involvement might be minimal and will require that you produce a simple written draft documenting your recollection of the accident, which will help your attorney piece things together and also be your strongest possible advocate. 

Get a Settlement or Go to Court

Next, after your legal team has been able to embark upon the investigation, they will submit a demand for settlement on your behalf to the insurance company. There will be negotiations moving back and forth, till you and your attorney come to a number that sufficiently covers your expenses.

However, if they feel that they are hitting a wall in the negotiations, the matter will go to trial. The portfolio you put together of witness statements, medical records, photos, and other important data will be incredibly useful in this stage. While a lawsuit is stressful, rest assured that your attorney will not make these decisions without you. Mediation and other steps related to the lawsuit will follow, but your attorney will take on the legal work, of course, not you. 

Remaining calm and organized in the aftermath of such a traumatic event can take a will of steel. But, it is important to try to gather as much information as you possibly can and then secure the assistance of an experienced attorney to help you wade through the mess of insurance companies.

Annika Bansal

Annika "The Chick Geek" is the founder of Small Business Sense shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners.