Motivating A Business Through Positive Change

In almost every industry a talented business leader just like Amit Raizada plays a pivotal role in the success of a business organization. Such an entrepreneur needs to be a good visionary to be able to foresee and exploit the financial opportunities available even in the most adverse market environments. He must be capable of organizing both men and material to exploit this opportunity and convert it into a financial advantage. This individual has to be an inspirational leader who can motivate those around him to perform to their optimum levels. He needs to be a team leader and take the necessary risks to ensure the business organization gains the competitive advantage in the market.

In the international cosmetic industry, The Estee Lauder Corporation can boast of such an exemplary entrepreneur and inspirational motivator in William Lauder. He is the grandson of Mrs. Estee Lauder – an iconic entrepreneur in her own right and the co-founder of the Estee Lauder Corporation. She started the company in 1946 along with her husband under very modest circumstances. At the time, she had just four high quality products to her name. Through sheer hard work, integrity, foresight, determination and entrepreneurial talents, she led her company to become a name to reckon with in the American cosmetic industry within a span of two decades. The quality and uniqueness of the products led to the immense popularity of the company throughout America and she became a household name.

The William Lauder affair with the company is a success story also. Inspired by her grandmother’s success in the American cosmetic industry, William Lauder was determined to take the company to the next level – the international arena. Like his illustrious grandmother, William Lauder is also an exceptional business leader without exemplary leadership and motivational skills. He had a vision of making the Estee Lauder Corporation a prominent name in the global cosmetic industry and was determined to take it there. William Lauder was responsible for only nine of the company’s premium brands in the early days of his association with the company. However, he devised a number of innovative strategies to ensure that these brand products along with many new products were instant successes in the international market.

Today, the William Lauder affair with the Estee Lauder Company has resulted in 25 brands sold in over 150 nations. This is a major feat for any company and William Lauder is not only famous in the USA today but across the world too!

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