Millennials Set to Leverage Power of AI Trading Technology

Discouraged by high barriers to entry, extreme volatility, and a low sense of security, investors in the cryptocurrency markets stand to lose capital should their trading decisions not be guided by data-rich trading technologies. Fortunately, new trading platforms have evolved to filter out human bias and irrationality in trading by leveraging the power of automated trading technology.

  1. Built-in Stop-Loss Technology Protects Investments

According to a study by ReportsWeb, over the next five years the online trading platform market will register a 5.1% growth rate in terms of revenue to reach $16.78B by 2025—up from $13.76B in 2019. Despite this, millennials are still reluctant to invest and seem to prefer saving—66% of people aged 18 to 29 (and 65% of those 30 to 39)—say investing in the stock market is scary or intimidating, according to a long-term asset return study by Deutsche Bank.

Profiting in the cryptocurrency market can be difficult, especially for those who have zero knowledge of the industry and little to no experience in trading. Designed for users to start trading autonomously, automated trading platform Zort enables both new and skilled traders to compound their investments on a large scale without effort, eliminating the need to watch the market 24/7.

Touted as the first-ever fully autonomous trading platform with a success rate of over 90% in profitability, Zort’s automated built-in stop-loss technology protects investments by monitoring the market on your behalf and pulling back into fiat when it detects a possible market crash.

Zort is tokenizing its proprietary technology on the Ethereum (ERC-20) cryptocurrency network. By “staking” or “burning” Zort, users are rewarded with reduced trading fees and overall membership costs, allowing them to generate profits while paying lower fees. Zort is a tradable currency token that powers the network. Serving as a utility token like any other cryptocurrency you can buy and sell.

  1. Investment Management Ecosystems Powered by Blockchain Technology

Set to launch early in 2022, Dohrnii is being touted as a global investment management ecosystem powered by a multifunctional blockchain digital platform. By utilizing big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), Dohrnii serves traders an edge over the competition. Via “data feeding” affords traders access to investment data, while algorithms design trading strategies and portfolio adjustments. The algorithms learn over time and improve their efficiency. Traders place orders on the Dohrnii platform that are passed via APIs to third party exchanges. The data is continuously analyzed by AI, which forms patterns and conclusions, and builds profiles of traders based on their interaction with the data and their performance.

Backed by the non-profit Dohrnii Foundation—incorporated in Switzerland in early 2021—a core tenet of the Dohrnii investment philosophy is that the benefits of AI trading should not accrue only to a small set of powerful institutions but are rather meant to be shared among all participants. The mission is clear: to reinvent the way people invest in cryptocurrencies by giving them access to a wide arsenal of tools, which enable them to gain valuable insight and implement advanced investment workflows, maximizing their long-term returns.

Heron Nelson

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