Marketing a Moving Company Through Local SEO

As a moving company owner, you need your audience to easily find out among several other businesses in the area. Therefore, adopting local SEO can be crucial for growing your business. Here we will give you a comprehensive guide on local SEO for moving companies.

For a successful local SEO campaign, a moving company first needs to be listed in Google my business and have a functional website. Then they need to choose the appropriate keywords, generate high converting content and build backlinks. Let’s discuss them in detail right below.

Listed in Google My Business

Google my business is an excellent tool to bring a business in front of customers. With this tool, businesses can share relevant information with their customers. 

Audiences need to be able to find out the crucial details of a business with ease to bring their business. If they face difficulties here, businesses lose crucial clients and assets. 

With Google my business, it is possible for business owners to share their address, contact information, operational hours, and email and website address with the clients. This is one of the crucial stages of marketing your moving business through local SEO.

Additionally, this tool allows businesses to upload photos and link content of their business to appeal to their target audience. Also, audiences can rate a business and leave comments about the services and products on Google my business. Thus, a business can create an exceptional online presence through this tool.

Having a Functional Website

As most businesses shifted online, websites have become the primary business centers. Most consumers now reach for their smartphones whenever they need any product or service. So, having a well-maintained website can be crucial for any business, especially for moving companies.

Here are a few factors companies need to keep an eye on while making sure their website is functional:


The website design is one of the crucial aspects of local SEO. A well-designed website attracts consumers in the website and keeps them interested, while poorly designed websites increase the bounce rate.

Websites’ designs should complement the businesses as well. For example, the color scheme of a website should reflect the business’s brand. When businesses keep their color consistent on all their websites along with their campaigns, the business will be more recognizable to the consumers.


In addition to website design, the website should be easy to navigate to reduce bounce rate. When consumers face difficulties navigating a website, they will go back to the search page and find other businesses offering similar services.

Categorizing the pages accordingly can help users find the necessary information easily. Businesses need to categorize the pages and put appropriate headings to guide the audience. Also, a search button on the website can help users find additional information to influence their buying decision.

Page Speed

Keeping the website’s loading speed fast is one of the crucial SEO factors for ranking higher on the search result’s first page. When a website takes too long to load, consumers are more likely to go back to the search result page.

When a website generates more and more bounce rates, search engines like Google consider this page not useful for users, and the website’s ranking is severely affected.

Business owners need to constantly monitor the page speed and take measures to improve it. In many instances, website design can compromise page speed. So, a balance between website design and page loading speed must be found. Also, Google PageSpeed Insights can help businesses in this manner. 

Smartphone Optimization

Most searches nowadays start with a smartphone. Whenever anyone is trying to find something, they take their smartphones and find out necessary information from there. Almost 60% of searches are now conducted by smartphones and other mobile devices.

Websites need to be mobile-friendly to keep up with this competition. It will give users a good experience and make audiences stay longer on a website. Business owners can easily check if their website is mobile-friendly or not.

Choosing the Appropriate Keywords

Businesses need to choose the right keywords for their audience to find them effortlessly. These keywords should resonate with what consumers are searching for.

Businesses mostly use two types of keywords, short-tail keywords, and long-tail keywords. Short tail keywords contain fewer words and often face high competition while ranking. On the other hand, long-tail keywords are more specific and face comparatively less competition.

When businesses utilize the appropriate keywords, consumers will find the business easily. Therefore, they can secure more leads and guide them through the sales funnel accordingly.

Generate High-Converting Content

The content of a website plays a huge role in bringing and engaging consumers. Therefore, this content needs to be helpful and build trust among readers.

When content is created to help users, it will generate more traffic to the website. Helpful tips, how-to instructions, advice, product reviews, etc., can attract more traffic to websites.

Businesses can utilize multiple platforms to publish their content. Business owners can select a steady platform or combine several platforms to publish their content.

Content marketing allows the audience to gather valuable information. When it comes to moving companies, they can help their audience by informing them of the process of moving to reduce their stress. When audiences find this information helpful, they will generate a sense of trust and will consider bringing their business to the company.

Additionally, content marketing is an excellent way to build authority over the competition. When organizations share their valuable knowledge with the audience, they remember the business. As the company shares more information, audiences will be more likely to choose this authority business whenever they need that specific service or product.

Good content keeps audiences engaged on the website for longer, which facilitates SEO practices. Also, regularly publishing helpful content and updating them from time to time is considered good practice. When websites are properly optimized for content, their ranking boosts and will rank higher on the first page of search results.

Build Backlinks

Backlinks are links to a website’s content from other websites. It helps in generating credibility and allows a larger audience to find the website. Therefore, building backlinks is one of the important measures of SEO.

When content gets backlinks from other websites, other blogs, industry leaders, and companies can easily come across that content when they search for relevant topics. 

Some business leaders also reach out to other businesses for building links.

When content generates enough backlinks, it generates credibility as well. When search engines like Google detect enough credible backlinks, they consider that as helpful content and project higher on the first page of SERPs. As a result, the SEO ranking is boosted, and the website will be able to generate better conversion rates.

Bottom Line

Local SEO helps businesses to thrive and generate better conversion rates, which is crucial for any business, especially moving companies. When people are moving from one place to another, they will look for moving companies around them, and local SEO helps businesses in this manner.

When businesses follow these 5 guidelines, they get the best possible results from their local SEO practices. However, if you are new to the online business, it may need a steep learning curve to successfully input the right SEO practices. Hiring SEO experts can help a lot in this manner.

SEO experts can audit a website thoroughly to explore the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities and tailor the SEO approaches. Thus, the business owners can focus on the businesses while experts handle the marketing approaches and website visibility.

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