Lynn Price says Turkey Leg Hut to Expand; Hints at New Cities

While many businesses haven’t fared well since the onset of the pandemic, others have broken even, and still, a handful continues to strive.

One such establishment is the Turkey Leg Hut, owned by Lynn Price, operating from multiple locations, including its flagship establishment in Houston Texas.

Their restaurant has made its way on the map for its famous Turkey Leg garnished with luscious jumbo shrimp, sweet onions, mushrooms, leafy greens, and Parmesan cheese.

Gathering huge support is one thing, but having the demand continue throughout a pandemic takes hard work and commitment to the community.

In needy homes across the metropolis, the Turkey Leg Hut owners gave a lot of money and food to bring joy to many homes on Christmas Day.

Lynn Price and his wife Nakia assembled at their eatery along the 4800 block section of Almeda Road to give away hundreds of turkey legs, a couple of cows, and money to individuals and families that need it.

In a recent interview, we asked Lynn how his life changed after founding the restaurant. He responded that “My life has changed tremendously since starting the Turkey Leg Hut in ways that I couldn’t even begin to imagine.” He added that “This opportunity has allowed me to come back home and give to the people that have poured into me and my family.”

When asked about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the restaurant industry he highlighted that it showed the strengths and weaknesses of businesses operators.

“COVID has truly separated those who say they can from those who go out and get it done. While so many companies were shutting down, we were blessed with innovative ways to pull through this pandemic and give it our best,” Lynn started.

As for current projects that they might release shortly the owner had some great news for Texans.

“Be on the lookout for the expansion of the current location with the Daiquiri Hut and we will continue to pop up.” He hinted at other states coming into the mix, “Be on the lookout for a city near you.”

Lynn Price had some encouraging words for newer entrepreneurs who want to make it in the restaurant industry. He said, “Stay true to what you believe in. Be original and hustle hard. Late nights early mornings get the job done.”

With the restaurant’s successful track record, even amid a pandemic, many entrepreneurs might just heed those words of advice. Who is better to hear it from than someone who started from scratch and continues to strive.

Lynn and Nakia, started by selling turkey legs in 2016 to spectators at the popular Houston rodeo. Their customers could not have enough of the uniquely flavored turkey legs, promoting the couple to open Turkey Leg But in multiple locations

The most recent venue was at the University of Houston football stadium where fans have been “gobbling” up the various turkey leg options on the menu.

Already, on various media outlets, people from different states have been enquiring about when the popular restaurant will hit their city. Based on what Lynn stated in his most recent interview, it could be very short.


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