Key Strategies of Choosing Student Accommodation

Student accommodation is one of the exciting as well as a scary thing, as one decides to leave their family home for studying. It is the place where you are going to live for the next few years. This place will be your home where you are going to make many memories. Here you will make new friends, learn how to manage your life on your own, budget, cook your meals, how to take care of yourself and many other experiences of life you will remember for your whole life. So, the choice of accommodation plays a great role in someone’s life and should be chosen with utmost care. These experiences will stick with your nature. There are several accommodation for students Exeter. Each one of them has different kinds of facilities. One has to choose the accommodation according to their needs and criteria. Here are some tips to choose student accommodation:-

1) Consider the location- The location of your accommodation plays an important role in your experience. If the accommodation is near to your university or on campus it will be a short walk and you will have easy access to your lectures, library and also time-saving. If you are living in the city centre then you will have more access to the city like restaurants, shops, entertainment places but you will have a slightly longer walk to your lectures.

Living far away from the university will be cheap as compared to the on-campus accommodation but at the same time, you have to bear traveling expenses. Supermarket and essential items will be far away to reach.

2) Safety and Security- While deciding your accommodation a student must look for the proper security of the place. The place should be safe for living. They must look for the staff of the accommodations all the time for any kind of help or emergency. There should be proper security, especially at night in the form of a CCTV camera or watchman guarding at the entrance. If the place feels insecure one must rethink the place.

3) Know your budget- Accommodation must be decided depending on the budget of a person. As you are a student it is difficult for you to afford a luxurious apartment. You are not working full time so make your budget plans accordingly. Prices vary according to the location you choose. While making a budget keep in mind the cost of utilities. Cost of utilities includes electricity bills, phone bills, trash pickup cost, water, and sewage cost. If you are choosing on-campus accommodation it will most probably include these utilities but it will be expensive and vice-versa. Similarly, if you are taking a private student residency it will be costlier. So, choose the affordable one and provide you with more benefits.

4) Having home comforts- Accommodation should feel like a home away from home and not just a room where you are living. Having a single room and a bathroom might be perfect for one but not for others. If you can afford a luxurious apartment you should choose the one. It provides you with all the superior facilities like having an on-site gym, beautifully designed rooms and bathrooms, an exclusive dining room, and a study room. You should analyze what exactly you want from your room. It will help you to narrow down your options and easier for you to find the one suiting your needs. You will feel a homely environment and enjoy your student life.

5) Getting connected- The Internet nowadays plays a greater role in everybody’s life. For the student, it is one of the most important things. One must choose the accommodation having a good internet connection or wifi-networks. Students require the internet for studying, completing assignments, and for their entertainment like playing games, using social media, watching movies. So, the network area of the place should be good. 

6) Flexibility of agreement- Flexibility plays an important role. Choose the accommodation having flexible terms of condition. If the contract is a short term you need to look for other places after the contract is over. If it is for a longer duration it will time-bound you to live at the same place for a year or around though, even if you wish to leave the place. So, choose the agreement accordingly.

7) Communal areas-They also play an important role in deciding your accommodation. When you will be free from your study and work you will need friends to talk to and have some fun.  As most of the friends you will make will be from your accommodation block. Communal areas are important to consider. You should see if there is any gym, games room or on-site cinema for you to relax during your free time. It might not affect a person who is an introvert. But people who like places surrounded by people’s communal areas are very important.

8) Cleanliness- The cleanliness of the place should be taken into account before deciding on your accommodation. The place where you will be living for the next 2-3 years should be hygienic. As hygiene has a greater impact on the mental health of a person. If the place is not clean it is not healthy for you to stay at that place. Hygiene is important for both social and personal reasons. It is the most important thing for the purity of the soul and the mind.

There are various kinds of studio, en-suite, and on-campus accommodations, Private Halls of residences, shared apartments, shared en-suite, and dual occupancy studio. One should decide the place according to his needs, cost of the accommodation, utilities being offered, areas surrounded by, and other factors. Both on-campus and outside have its pros and cons. You will build strong friendships and relationships during your phase of life. Having an accommodation fitting to your lifestyle will add to the excitement of your journey and experience. These experiences will have a long-lasting impact on your lifestyle and your behaviour. They affect your personality and nature.

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