How Your Company Can Improve Employee Health During COVID-19

Considering that the 21st century is fast-paced and the living standards are rising every day, the spread of covid-19 has made our lives even more difficult. Economies of several nations around the world have been affected, and businesses are taking several measures to keep up with the pandemic. Some businesses have been forced to shut down as others try out new ways of operating. This said, companies need to implement temporary measures and mitigation measures now that the economy has been reopened and most workers having to go back to work. The cases of covid-19 are still rising rapidly, and therefore it is the responsibility of every employer to ensure that their workers are safe by taking steps to improve their employee health.

Staggered shifts

For employees returning to work, introducing staggered shifts would be necessary to regulate the number of people in the workplace at a time. This would promote the implementation of the social distancing guideline set by health organizations. For example, car-making factories in the country have adopted this measure and modified their schedules to keep fewer workers in shared spaces such as the workplace and cafeterias. Having some workers coming early and others late will also allow you to monitor their health.

Mental support program

The novel pandemic has affected not only physical health but also the mental health of both patients and those taking preventative measures. The mental health of employees is at risk, especially now that people are gradually returning to work. Employees have become more vulnerable to the disease, and hence an emotional support program is necessary. Many people may undergo different problems – sic family members, prolonged isolation, fear of going to work, etc. The World Health Organization has reported that businesses that invest in mental and emotional support for their employees have a higher chance of improved productivity.

Improving sanitation in the workplace

One of the essential ways to improve employee’s health is to ensure that the working environment is safe. One way to achieve this is by cleaning and disinfecting surfaces regularly. This has been one of coronavirus’ best practices both in the workplace and at home. Ensuring employees clean surfaces they touch or limit movement can be vital in protecting their health. Additionally, putting barriers between employees will prevent the transmission of disease-causing particles from one place to another.

Healthy snacks

As covid-19 continues to spread, employees can benefit from healthy meals to strengthen their immune system and improve their health. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), more than 30 percent of companies have offered this benefit to their employee health solutions. It is essential to skip junk food and provide meals and snacks that are low in excessive sodium, saturated fats, and added sugars. Consider an assortment of nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

Constant communication

Employers and managers have to be in constant communication with their employees. Providing the necessary information about the pandemic and the measures put to protect workers will help put them at ease. Additionally, it is also crucial to implement daily check-in calls to stay connected to your team. This encourages everyone to work out their problems together.

Virtual meetings

As said earlier, businesses operate differently. This said, it would be best to implement virtual meetings through video conferences, chatting groups, etc. when necessary. Most operational strategies can be accomplished through other means instead of coming to the office physically. Additionally, translating team building activities from the physical environment can also be vital in forging healthy bonds.

Health screening

It would be best if every employee was screened before entering the workplace. This is a vital measure to ensure everyone remains healthy.

Getting employees to follow set guidelines to reduce the risk of covid-19 may be difficult but necessary. Now that most businesses are opening partially, it is essential to keep in touch and assess every employee’s wellbeing. It is also essential to educate employees on the importance of protecting themselves not only for their sake but also for others working with them.

Brett Sartorial

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