How to get more followers on Instagram in 2020

Instagram, a social media platform that has become today’s norm & inspirational center. It is also today’s advertisement paradise with billions of users currently on the platform. With the right techniques & strategies, Instagram can be targetable, to grow a personal blog/brand or possibly a company base with a loyal audience that will be engaging every day. Here are industry tips & secrets to how you can grow your own Instagram followers base today in 2020!

Using the Right Hashtags.

What is your goal on Instagram? To grow an audience & set a fanbase called Followers of your profile. To do this there are many techniques & strategies but one of the most incorrectly used techniques is Hashtags. Hashtags can be inserted into your Bio, photos & stories that are posted. Engaging hashtags can create an engagement in the audience of course posted regularly which will effectively target the audience or niche you are aiming for. In return for the engagement of the hashtag’s followers, people will be able to view your profile & if its something they are into or are following, effectively they will follow you.

Posting Regularly & Posting at the Right Times.

I cannot stress this enough, if you do not post OFTEN, you will barely create an engagement point for your target audience to view hence not attracting your target audience to your profile for them to follow you or like your content. You MUST post OFTEN; it is the key essential. When posting, as mentioned above, use hashtags that are most appealing to your target audience & content. Now, you have posted often & have regular interactions with your profile however there is no engaged target audience & no potential followers have come into your profile. Coming to the next key point is the times of posting. Posting when your target audience is online & active the most is crucial for them to see your content, otherwise posting often will not work as well as you think.

Use Instagram Specialized services.

Now I know you are probably thinking what is that? Instagram specialty services are companies or organizations which can help you enhance your content or profile. For example, ProjectInsta, a free guide to building an Instagram account & gaining follower’s using their specialized guides. For more help on how to build a following on Instagram with specialized help, use a service like ProjectInsta and gain thousands of Instagram followers with their step by step guidance.

Create an IGTV or Reels series.

What’s IGTV or Reels you may ask? Instagram recently released such services where you can record videos & make set series or skits for your Instagram audience. In simple terms, it is Instagram’s answer to rivaling TikTok & its video services. Simply upload a prerecorded video of your self or content. If you do not have it prerecorded, not to worry, you can also make a live video to attract & engage with your audience hence building more awareness & in return making a larger following.


Yes, collaborate, not just with other brands if you get the opportunity but with other influencers or content creators with your niche. A simple Direct Message (DM) can open doorways to a larger audience & more engagement/flow to your profile. This, if done correctly can open ways to gain more followers & gain more likes or engagement on the content you have posted on your profile.

Do not Be BLAND!

Now do not get me wrong, I do not mean your posts a bland, I mean do not follow exactly what others do dot by dot, word by word. Provide your target audience with interesting or different content that has taken key points from larger accounts from the same niche. This will create a sense of difference & creativity to your target audience & in return may reward you with more share of that niche, more engagement, more flow onto your account hence leading to the all-time reward of more followers.

Write longer captions.

Yes, writing longer captions can draw the attention of your target audience to your content & profile as it creates a sense of curiosity, making your posts much more interesting. It may even in the best possible way make your posts viral at times. This can hence lead to more people coming to your profile & following you. Keynote do not write too big of captions as you may ‘bore’ your audience, experiment with different lengths, key phrases, hashtags & all until you get the right balance.

Try & TRY again.

Yes try & try again I said it. The biggest way to gain anything in life is by trying new ways, new techniques, timing & styles. Without trying these techniques on your niche profile, you will personally never know what work & what will not. Do not fear trying as it will tell you more about the audience your targeting.

Recap & Final Verdict.

Gaining more followers & getting more engagement on Instagram in 2020 has never been easier. With the methods listed above, be sure that it will gain you, followers, if followed correctly. If you think you cannot do this alone & require more help or more of a guide, look no further than ProjectInsta, Use a service like ProjectInsta and gain thousands of Instagram followers.

Chris Z