How to Assemble Office Furniture Quickly

Assembling your office furniture can start off as a fun and enjoyable task, but things can go south really quickly. If this is your first time building your own furniture, you’ll probably need to watch out for the most common mistakes beginners make when attempting to assemble any kind of furniture. 

Once you familiarize yourself with how the process goes and the steps you need to follow to assemble office furniture successfully, you’ll find that it gets significantly easier and infinitely more fun.

Gather Your Tools

Furniture assembly requires a number of essential tools that you should always have for any tasks that require assembling/disassembling. These tools generally include a hammer, different wrenches, different screwdrivers, a level, and some wood glue. Having all of these tools around can quicken the process significantly as you’ll be prepared for anything. 

A big hurdle beginners face when trying to assemble any furniture is the inability to use the tools effectively, so if you’re not that familiar with what to use and how to use it, look up a quick guide to learn.

Always Have the Instructions Beside You

Many assembly instructions are extremely clear on what you need to do in any given step of the assembly. You obviously won’t remember the large number of steps required from one quick look, so take your time to check the guide whenever you move on to the next step. Make sure to read the instructions very carefully as some parts may be awfully similar to others, which can cause some confusion. A lot of beginners neglect the instruction guide provided with the furniture which leads to the assembly process taking a significantly long amount of time, unnecessarily.

Organize the Parts Clearly

You don’t want the area around you to be cluttered with the different parts making it hard to move around freely. You should be assembling the furniture in a spacious area where you can lay out the pieces very clearly as some tiny screws can be a little difficult to tell apart if placed too close to each other. These screws are also very easy to lose, so make sure you place them somewhere safe and accessible. Laying out the parts somewhere where you can identify each one of them clearly can help you move around easier and finish assembling the furniture much faster.

Look for Easy-to-Assemble Furniture

You generally want to stay away from the furniture that requires a very difficult assembly process, especially if you don’t have much experience. More often than not, you’ll be able to find office furniture that’s easy to assemble. This can be especially true for uncommon office furniture like standing desks. If you simply explore the web and visit these experts who specialize in office furniture, you’ll find that some manufacturers provide extremely instructional videos to help you with the process. Watching a video on how to assemble furniture can shorten the process significantly as you’ll be able to work with a lot more confidence. So, look for manufacturers that make easy-to-assemble furniture t while also providing you with every tool you need to put it together, including an instructional video.

Get Someone to Help

There are going to be instances where the idea of you assembling a piece of furniture yourself might seem overwhelming. In this case, having someone else around to help out with the process can be very useful as you’ll have a fresh set of eyes to point out if anything doesn’t look right. They can also read the instructions to you while you assemble the pieces so that you don’t have to glance over at them every time you’re uncertain. The more, the merrier! This way, you can get things done at a much faster pace and ensure that it’s done correctly. 

Familiarize Yourself With What You’re Assembling

Not knowing what the final product you’re assembling looks like can slow down the process dramatically. Knowing what the piece of furniture should look when assembled can give you a rough idea of where every part should go.  This helps you avoid making mistakes like placing a part in the completely wrong area. A great tip from more experienced assemblers is to have a picture of the piece you’re building open somewhere in plain view so you can compare it to what you’re doing, much like a jigsaw puzzle.

Ironically, you’ll be able to assemble office furniture a lot faster if you take it slow. Moving with caution can help you assemble everything correctly, whereas trying to move too quickly, usually leads to hasty mistakes that take more time to undo. Moving step-by-step correctly, ultimately takes much less time than having to redo a step multiple times, so make sure you pay close attention to the details written in the instructions and don’t skip any steps along the way. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, and if it gets too frustrating, take a break and come back with a pair of fresh eyes. That should help you assemble your furniture successfully and enjoy a comfortable office in no time.

Drew Neisser