Getting a UK Education Doesn’t Mean You Have To Live There

For many children all around the world, the opportunity to be able to travel and study abroad doesn’t come along very often. This means that if your company does reposition you abroad, then you should try to make the most of this opportunity for the benefit of your children. Our elders have always told us that life is all about new experiences and in order to get some real-life experience under your child’ belt, you need to create educational opportunities for them. There is no need to be concerned that your child is moving from a UK curriculum or an American curriculum because they will just take up where they left off when they join an international school. These schools tend to adapt the curriculums of the top countries from around the world with regard to premier education. They use the UK, American, Canadian, Japanese and Singapore curriculum to create something that is rather special.

For those of you from the United Kingdom, you can find a British School in Bangkok that offers the same educational experience but with many more benefits added on. Much like setting up a business in Thailand, there are things that you need to know and the following are just some of the things that you should know about an international education.

  • Personal development – Because your child is in a foreign country, their ability to be independent and to take care of themselves will be much improved. In their native country, they are in a comfortable environment and many important decisions are made for them. Getting a better understanding of a completely different culture can really test your child’s ability to be able to adapt to different situations and other cultural perspectives.
  • Make lifelong business contacts – The wonderful thing about an international education is that there will be other students there, who come from many different countries and many different backgrounds. At an international school, lifelong friends are created and when it comes to entering the international job market, then they will have many opportunities to reach out to the friends based in other countries, in the pursuit of a position in an international company.
  • Increased language skills – Currently, the prominent language of business is English, but there is a high likelihood that will change in the coming years to Chinese. At an international school in Bangkok, your child will get to learn not only English but Chinese and Thai as well. This will help prepare them for the business opportunities that will arise when they enter the international job market. To learn more about the strategies for International education, have a look here.

By now, you should be sold on the merits and benefits of enrolling your children in an international school. There really are no downsides and they get to enjoy a new culture, with different points of views and an international lifestyle. It is important that you choose the right school, so be sure to do your homework and make a sensible choice.