Experience Next Level Technology With These Samsung Gadgets

Samsung stays on the top of its game when it comes to consumer electronics like televisions. The brand has retained the number one spot it enjoys in the global TV market for the 15th consecutive year. With its constant strides towards technological advancement, the South Korean giant has made a mark in this segment worldwide. 

Even the most basic Samsung LED TV 32-inch price affordably has something unique for the consumer. Samsung has become synonymous with innovation, as the brand has continuously introduced numerous world-first TV technologies ever since the 1990s. Some of the major breakthroughs in TV technology made by Samsung are as follows.

  • Samsung introduced to the world the first-ever digital television in 1998 when it released a 55-inch projection TV.
  • A significant advancement in the world of televisions was the launch of Samsung’s 46-inch LCD TV, which was the largest TV ever made. The industry started manufacturing large-screen TVs only after Samsung unveiled the model.
  • Samsung reshaped the television landscape by announcing its LED TV line at CES 2009.
  • The brand brought joy to cinema lovers around the world with the world’s first Full HD 3D LED TV in 2010.
  • Samsung is known to go big, which is evident with its new-age product known as The Wall, a futuristic modular TV that can extend to hundreds of inches in size, offering a huge display with impeccable picture quality.
  • Samsung was the first brand in the world to make Curved TVs.
  • Another patented innovation by Samsung is the QLED TV, a TV panel technology that boasts of 100 percent colour volume resulting in deeper, brighter colours. 

Let us explore the best Samsung TVs that you can purchase to experience next-gen technology.

Samsung 32 Inches Wondertainment Series (UA32T4340AKXXL)

This Samsung TV comes with an HD-Ready resolution and HDR support, providing the best-in-class display quality. Samsung’s Tizen OS provides access to all major streaming platforms including Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar and Prime Video, to name a few. You also get Apple TV App built-in with this TV. The TV also allows you to access your computer remotely, which eliminates the need to carry your work laptop home. This TV is equipped with the latest technology that allows you to broadcast live from a smartphone to the TV. For instance, if you are home and your family members are attending a function, they can broadcast the event to you. Nevertheless, the Samsung LED TV (32-inch) price is quite economical.

Samsung Sero 43-inch 4K QLED TV

Samsung Sero is a unique and highly advanced TV that sports an automated rotating display that can alternate between horizontal and vertical displays. Winner of the Gold Award 2020, this TV rotates vertically for viewing mobile content and apps, and horizontally for movies and live TV. It comes in a 4K resolution with a QLED display, providing a crystal-clear image quality along with exceptional levels of colour accuracy and contrast. It is a smart TV with access to streaming services and a range of apps. It also features powerful 4.1-ch 60W speakers with Dolby Digital Plus for immersive sound quality. This Q LED TV price is on the higher side due to its technological capabilities.

Samsung 55 Inch QLED Ultra HD The Frame TV

The Frame is a very exciting concept by Samsung, which is an avant-garde TV that transforms into a work of art when turned off. The TV comes with a modern art frame design that adorns your wall. You can showcase your favourite art and photos in a spectacular 4K resolution, with customizable bezels (or frames) so you can have countless combinations to go with the décor of your home. The TV also features a 4K AI processor that adapts the picture and sound to deliver the ultimate viewing experience. It is a smart TV with Samsung TV Plus that gives access to a plethora of entertainment sources. The Frame comes in multiple sizes, so you can choose one according to your preference. This QLED TV price is just slightly higher than other TV models in the same category.

Samsung 85 Inches 8K Smart QLED TV (Q950T)

When it comes to large-screen TVs, this Samsung TV is one of the best models available. It comes with an impressive Real 8K resolution with 7,680 x 4,320 pixels, which is twice the resolution of a 4K TV. It is hard to imagine the ultra-high display quality of this TV with lifelike pictures. This TV has the Ultimate 8K Dimming Pro feature, which provides an unparalleled contrast level. Furthermore, the TV comes with a 70W speaker output that promises a superlative sound quality. It is an ultra-slim TV that will blend with the wall of your living room. This QLED TV price falls in the premium category due to its industry-leading features and technology.

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