Dealing with Customer Complaints Related to Delivery of Orders

If you have a small online business, you want to give your customers the best possible experience. From the time they explore the website until they receive the order, there should be no problem. However, if you start receiving bulk orders, you might miss a few things. People will complain about their experience and let you know about it. These are some tips to deal with complaints. Whether it’s through a phone call, email, social media – these tips are applicable. 

Respond quickly

Try to respond as quickly as you can. Hire someone to deal with these issues. If you promise to respond within 24 hours, you have to do it. Customers don’t like waiting. If they called your line, don’t make them hold for too long. If you can’t respond, tell the customer that you will call back. Specify a time and make sure you call within that period. 

Keep your cool

Customers have different ways of complaining. Some are professional and calm. If you have to deal with them, you’re lucky. They’re easy to talk to and will accept your explanation. You can’t expect everyone to be the same. Others are more hysterical and they speak as if you committed a crime. Prepare to talk to them. In doing so, keeping your cool is important. You can’t respond with an intense emotion too. It’s okay if you don’t believe that the customers are always right. However, it doesn’t give you the right to disrespect them. 

Evaluate the complaint

It might be easy for businesses to dismiss customers who complain, especially if these are recurring issues. The truth is that every complaint matters. These people wouldn’t go out of their way to call your hotline or type an email if they didn’t feel strongly about the issue. Instead of dismissing them, you have to determine the cause of the complaint. 

If it’s the same issue about delayed delivery, you have to consider changing your delivery partner. Look for a company that won’t only deliver on time, but also provide quality mailing boxes. Your partnership could finally end these repeated delivery delay issues. 

Have an improved tracking system

The problem might be due to your weak tracking system. It helps if you can use automated software that allows you to determine where the order is. Some systems even allow customers to track the order themselves. They will only call you if the item didn’t arrive as indicated during purchase. 

Throw in some apology freebies

Your customer didn’t deserve to receive the order late. Because of this experience, you might lose a loyal customer. The best way to win this person back is by throwing in some apology freebies. You can hand out vouchers that the customers can use during the next purchase. The next order could also be free of shipping charge. 

As your business grows, you will encounter more issues. Improve your customer service and make everyone feel satisfied. 

Drew Neisser