Create a Work Environment Where Employees Feel Comfortable to Excel

Providing staff with appropriate welfare facilities is a non-negotiable part of any operation. Comfortable facilities are not only desirable, they’re essential. With a wide variety of such facilities available, like welfare units for example, it’s important that employee welfare is considered at every opportunity.

Here’s why employee welfare matters…

It should be no surprise that comfortable staff are happy staff. Employee morale is a precious commodity, and any investment required to achieve it should be considered worthwhile. Think of your own standards – would you be happy to work in dirty conditions without appropriate facilities? The answer is almost certainly no. And neither will your staff.

There are a number of different ways to provide employee welfare – the wide variety of different welfare units available means that all employee needs can be catered to with on-demand solutions.

Employee happiness almost inevitably translates into more productivity and efficiency around the workplace. When you show consideration to your employees’ needs, they’re almost certainly inclined to return that consideration to achieve what you require of them. This makes investing in appropriate welfare units that much more worthwhile.

What is employee welfare?

In short, welfare means making sure that your employees’ needs are appropriately catered to. This encompasses a number of different things, but broadly speaking includes ensuring they have clean toilets and washing facilities, and a comfortable environment in which to eat and take breaks.

This becomes particularly important if the nature of the work being done means that employees are often likely to end up dirty. Construction sites, for example, always need to ensure that proper washing facilities are provided to allow employees to clean themselves. So to any job that requires employees to be outside in the elements, any facilities provided need to be warm and weatherproof.

The welfare needs of employees can vary, and, as such, there are a number of different units available. This can include portable toilets and showers, with the option of running hot water and kitchen facilities available as well. They can be provided on a temporary or ongoing basis, depending on your individual needs.

Ensuring legal compliance to protect the bottom-line.

For the sake of employee comfort, appropriate welfare facilities are a must. In the case that employee comfort is not a good enough reason for the investment, there are many guidelines that employers must follow that outline what constitutes appropriate employee facilities.

This includes toilet facilities, which are obviously an essential, along with a place to wash, and a clean environment in which to take lunch and to have breaks. The facilities must be cleaned on an ongoing basis, and need to be properly weatherproofed so it’s important to ensure that you only trust the provision of your employee welfare units to appropriate professionals.

Failure to ensure that the proper facilities are in place could end up being costly. There are potential fines to be paid, as well as the risk of lawsuits from dissatisfied employees. The costs of this could spiral out of control very quickly, vastly outweighing the initial investment the appropriate facilities require in the first place.

Money well spent.

Any capital deployed in the goal of keeping employees happy and comfortable is money that will always guarantee a return. Happy employees are productive, loyal, and inclined to do their best at all times. Unhappy employees are dejected, much more likely to leave for another job, and will not be encouraged to provide high-quality work.

This means that, regardless of the nature of the business, investment in employee welfare and comfort is essential at every level.


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