Cong Son Ta Teaches Others to Never Give Up

Building a business from the ground up is not easy. Building a business from the ground up when you are an immigrant is even harder. Those who are able to come to the United States from another country and find success deserve the utmost respect. They also deserve admiration. That is exactly what Cong Son Ta did when he came to the United States from Asia. He found success using a very old-school strategy; he decided that he was going to succeed no matter what. Today, Cong Son Ta teaches others to find success in this same way. He wants others to find success by never giving up.

Cong Son Ta did not always lead the life he enjoys today. He comes from Vietnam, being born in Ho Chi Minh City before emigrating to the United States. His childhood was not always easy. Cong Son Ta knew that he wanted to give something back to the community and from the age of 13, he was already looking for ways to making a living wage. By the age of 21, he was also investing in the stock market. Like many others, Cong Son Ta learned about the stock market the hard way. This wasn’t always a successful venture but he knew that if he believed in himself, he would eventually succeed. Therefore, he kept his head down, kept working, and sought out success.

Cong Son Ta eventually came to the United States to pursue his dreams. He believed that this country would be more welcoming to his aspirations. He decided to start his own company that specialized in lifestyle management. He worked hard to grow his company and eventually found the success he was looking for. Cong Son Ta now has a penthouse in New York City in addition to an ocean villa in LA. Both pay tribute to his work; however, he got to where he was today by never giving up.

Starting a company comes with numerous challenges. These include raising capital, marketing, finding qualifies partners, and enduring the threat of failure. Cong Son Ta was able to fight through all of these issues to build a successful company. Now, Cong Son Ta wants to teach others to do the same. He has a motto of never giving up. He wants other people to believe in themselves the same way. He knows that if he believes in himself, other people will as well. Cong Son Ta seeks to share this with others as well. Cong Son Ta has already inspired so many people to follow in his footsteps. He will continue to do so in the future, helping others find success.


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