Can a Citi diamond preferred card accelerate your business?

In business, it is so important to outrun your yesterday’s self. Citi diamond preferred will help you move faster. It will allow you to buy goods on time, make the accountant’s life easier, and simplify the business processes. And of course, it will help any entrepreneur out in case of emergency — you don’t have to be a bank customer to get a credit card. 

Business card Citi diamond preferred combines the functions of a common business card with a credit limit and a grace period for paying interest on any purchases. 

What does it mean for business?

  • Money on time and for any purpose. 
  • Purchases without commission. 
  • Extended grace period for the purchases from partners. 
  • A tool for you and your employees. 
  • Online expense control. 
  • Less accounting records. 
  • Safe payments. 
  • Revolving credit line. 

Additional information about the benefits of a business card Citi diamond preferred. 

Money at the right moment

Using the business card, Citi diamond preferred you won’t miss the opportunity to earn when your funds are not enough and quickly find a solution in the conditions of force majeure. 

How does it work?

The sales season has started, the company has won the tender, it’s time to buy equipment- use the business card Citi diamond preferred to act. For example, pay for a batch of running goods before the holidays by card, earn more than you spent, and pay off your debt during the grace period. The bank will not charge interest, and the business will make a profit.

Contactless payment

Citi diamond preferred cards have an in-built contactless payment technology using a mobile phone and Apple Pay or Google Pay services; therefore, you won’t find yourself in an awkward situation, even if you forgot to bring a card to the business dinner with your clients. 

Profitable cooperation with your partners

Citi diamond preferred the bank doesn’t charge a fee for paying services with a business card. And making purchases from the bank partners, you can get more days without interest. 

Business tool for you and your team

After issuing a business card Citi diamond preferred for himself/herself, the manager can issue cards with a set limit for his/her employees. This way, it will be easier to pay current expenses. 

How does it work?

The limit for each card is set within the general credit limit. Moreover, employees will be able to make purchases, pay for travel expenses, make payments to suppliers, and withdraw cash. 

Convenient control of expenses and payments 24/7

You can track your Citi diamond preferred business card expenses using the online service and SMS notifications. 

How does it work?

All operations on Citi diamond preferred business cards are displayed in the online account. In your personal account, you can increase or decrease the limits on employees’ cards and keep track of the dates of mandatory payments. You can make payments using a business card regardless of the operating days of the bank branches: at any time and for any amount (within the limit).

Reducing the load on the accounting department 

It is not necessary to make advance reports for payments on the Citi diamond preferred business card — thus, the number of required documents is reduced. 

How does it work?

It is enough to have primary documents: receipts, certificates, and invoices upon payment. And the companies that use a simplified form of taxation won’t need even these documents. 

Safe use

Citi diamond preferred business card uses the most modern technologies to protect online payments. And in case of loss or theft, it is easy to block it through an “Online account” or call center. 

How does it work?

Business card Citi diamond preferred will allow you not to carry large amounts of cash. Internet payments are protected by 3D-Secure technology: payment is not possible without entering an additional SMS security code. 


Contactless payment

The card is compatible with such payment technologies as Apple Pay and Google Pay and will be at hand at any time. 

How does it work?

Did you forget your wallet before a business dinner? The owner of Citi diamond preferred card may not be afraid of unpleasant accidents: you can pay for purchases with your smartphone — at gas stations, airports, online stores, and any points where there is a payment terminal. 

Revolving credit line

After debt repayment, the credit limit will be available again on the next day. It doesn’t matter how often you deposit money to the card to eliminate the debt gradually- the main thing is to pay off the entire amount before the end of the grace period and not to forget about the mandatory payments. 

Who can get Citi diamond preferred card?

A legal entity that has been registered for over 12 months ago with a certain annual turnover can get a Citi diamond preferred business card. At the time of filing the application, the owner of the company or organization shouldn’t have any restrictions imposed by the tax service. 

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