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5 Military Technology Trends to Watch Out for

In the past century, the adoption of the latest military technology trends has had a big impact on warfare. Moreover, the evolution of disruptive technologies and socioeconomic environment has changed the operational landscape. Today’s strategists contend with an urbanized, populated, interconnected, and digitized world. That calls for even more advanced military technologies. In this article, […]

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Psychologist’s Views on the Mandela Effect

Whether it’s Nelson Mandela’s death, the Monopoly man and his monocle, or the Berenstain Bears, people don’t always remember things correctly. Today the Mandela Effect has grown into a cult phenomena. Characterized by a misremembering of some details or an event, what started as a conspiracy theorists paradise has slowly been dissected into a set […]

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Offshore Strategy to Keep Your Business Running Smooth

“Offshore teams” refers to workers or professionals based in either nation, region, or time zone. They might include professional or entry-level employees who support a firm’s headquarters where the firm is located with any work. They might be full-time workers or a team operating for a contractual company or organization. Offshore administration staff are employed […]

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