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Leveraging technology and intelligent learning to provide users with access to appropriate government grants, Grants Assist is on the verge of streamlining Australia’s public grants sector. Launched in 2018, the company allows users to search for available grants by industry or location, and allows users to set bespoke parameters. When grants become available within these specific parameters, users are automatically alerted via email, ensuring that they will never miss out on potential opportunities.

The comprehensive service company proactively communicates with interested users via telephone, email, and eligibility quizzes designed to project a user’s potential eligibility. Grant writing services are also offered, helping potential recipients gather the needed materials, and present their case in an effective, dynamic, and meaningful fashion. Committed to helping individuals, entrepreneurs, startup businesses, and non-profit organizations, the team members at Grants Assist regularly update users on new, popular, and regional grants. With millions of dollars devoted to government grants designed to forward industries, there are grants available for a myriad of business types.

Grants To Ease The Transition Of Business To Work-From-Home Models

With every industry across Australia affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic in some capacity, many businesses are accruing the costs associated with pivoting their businesses successfully to a work-from-home model. While this can be simple for some businesses that already relied on the use of portable and personal technology, it can be costly for others. Many businesses are finding the need to outfit employees with new portable laptops, smartphones, or other bespoke tech devices. These costs can add up, and quickly eat away at precious liquidity that was intended to be used in other arenas.

Australia’s COVID-19 Adaptation Program has dedicated $100 million dollars for businesses adversely affected by the global Coronavirus pandemic. This State government sponsored grant initiative looks to assist businesses in urban areas first, followed by assisting businesses in rural areas in a secondary wave of assistance. The intention of funds is to allow businesses to set up their operations completely remotely, in an effort to maintain employee retention, and continue operations.

Funding starts at $2,000 per business, and caps at $10,000. To be eligible for this grant incentive, businesses must meet specific criteria. Each business must have suffered a decline of at least 30% due to COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the government shutdown, which occurred on March 23, 2020. In addition, eligible businesses must have less than 20 employees, must have an ABN, and must be registered under GST. Showcasing feasibility, the annual turnover of eligible businesses must be over $75,000 throughout the last fiscal year.

Location Specific Bendigo Grants

While some government grants require business participation within a specific sector, many government grants champion vertical growth within a specific region. Recently, the Australian government rolled out grant opportunities for SME’s located within the Bendigo region of the country. Businesses in the private domain, public sector, and education industries are able to apply. These grants aim to develop local businesses for the betterment of the Bendigo community, and look for businesses and ventures offering innovative ideas with untapped potential. The success of these businesses can directly impact the hyperlocal economy, and assist Bendigo’s residents. Per the 2017-2021 Community Plan, this area-specific grant looks to develop Bendigo for the overarching benefit of the community. 

Within the Greater Bendigo Council, small businesses that develop innovative ideas can apply for funding up to $60,000. These businesses should have the propensity for helping the local community through their success. To be considered for this grant, businesses must submit an expression of interest online in a timely fashion, as well as a detailed application form. Accepted applicants will have to present a pitch, and attend the funding ceremony if accepted.

Assistance For The Cosmetics Industry

Sponsored by the Federal and State governments of Australia, there are a number of available grants in the beauty industry. To evolve the cosmetics industry, many of these grants focus on innovation in beauty technology, sustainability and the use of clean ingredients, and new applications of ingredients. Companies who are “doing things differently” have the propensity to shake up the cosmetics industry. Thus, they are often eligible to receive grant funding to aid with this mission. 

Similarly, native Australian cosmetics companies on the cusp of international recognition and export can qualify for the liquidity needed to expand operations internationally. The Federal government rolled out a grant for native companies looking to export their products to markets that could significantly impact business growth. In turn, such growth will expand native need for employment, helping the hyperlocal economy thrive. Thus, under this grant, eligible companies can claim up to 50% of accrued export expenses over $5,000. This grant aims to offset the capital needed to successfully expand operations overseas. 

Over the next three years, funding for this program is set to expand by $60 million. To be eligible for this grant, Australian cosmetics companies must have an ABN, be registered for GST, and be actively exporting (or looking to swiftly export) their innovative products internationally. 

Broad Scope of Grants

In addition to these examples, Grants Assist provides users with the most up-to-date grants in real-time. When the government releases new grants, users receive immediate updates for appropriate grants that match their bespoke needs. Thus, users never miss out on deadlines, and are consistently made aware of grants that are appropriate to their needs. Launched in 2018, the company boasts many success stories. Committed to helping individuals, fledgling businesses, and corporations make the most well-informed choices, Grants Assist leverages technology and organizational tools to maximize the grant experience. With new grants popping up frequently, Grants Assist helps to make sense of these evolving opportunities. For business owners, the days of feverishly searching for available, appropriate, and open funding are over. With Grants Assist, Australia’s businesses are armed with information, organization, and the tools needed to succeed.

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