8 Useful Tools for Tracking Trends in Your Industry

Happy Tuesday peeps!  I hope your week is going well.  For todays blog post, I’m going to be covering 7 tools that you can use to track trends in your industry.

People always say, “Nothing is constant but change itself.” If you want to keep up with your chosen niche, get ahead of your competitors, then you should definitely use effective trend-tracking tools.

Which Tools for Tracking Trends Should You Use?

Currently, there are a wide variety of tools that you can use to track tools in your industry. However, from these range of tools there are only a few tools that can really provide consistent positive results. Seven of them are the following:

1.  Google Alerts

This tool allows you to track trends based on your chosen keywords. It helps you discover new materials online that are most relevant to your specified industry, including blogs, news, groups, videos, and even search terms. Depending on your preference, the Alerts will be delivered to your email, feed aggregator, or iGoogle page. In this tool’s advanced options, you can set the frequency and volume of the Alerts delivery.

2.  Google Trends

If you want to focus on Google search terms, it will be best for you to use Google Trends. This tracking tool helps you accomplish the following:

  • Monitor a search term
  • Get in-depth analysis of the people searching for the specified keywords and phrases
  • Organize and categorize the acquired data

3.  Feedly

Technically a feed aggregator or reader, Feedly allows you to easily follow and get updated with your favorite websites and blogs. Adding sites to this tool can be a little time-consuming, but after you do, browsing content and discovering trends will be as easy as counting one, two, three. The service is totally free, and you can access your feeds anywhere you go through the Feedly app, which is available to both iOS and Android users.

4.  Topsy

A highly-comprehensive analytics and trend-tracking system, Topsy offers a wide array of features that prove useful for both personal and business users, specifically those who focus on Twitter. Some of its best features are the following:

  • Measurement and analysis for specific keywords and phrases
  • Model comparison with rival businesses
  • Trending topics and related terms

5.  BuzzFeed

Aiming to share “The Viral Web in Real Time,” BuzzFeed is a great resource of the most popular and controversial topics and happenings online. As a user, you can get updates for almost any category and country there is and you can also offer insights as to what you think people ought to know about.

6.  Social Mentions

Are social media your choice marketing platform and content resource? If yes, you might want to start using Social Mentions. This social media search engine gives you great insights about the following and more:

  • Number of times the specified keyword is mention
  • Sources of mentions (i.e., particular social media where the keyword appeared)
  • Top hashtags used with the keyword

7.  Viral Video Chart

Sometimes, words are just not enough, and if you feel the same, then the trends you probably want to follow are certainly video trends. For this type of trends, Viral Video Chart is the best tool to use. Having partnered with several prominent sites such as Mashable, AdWeek, and Guardian, it helps you discover the most-shared videos on Facebook and on numerous blogs. You can easily organize the list by source (i.e., Facebook, Blog, or All) and date (e.g., 24 hours, 7 days, etc.).

Tracking trends in your chosen industry can get a little boring and repetitive. However, continuously tracking trends can help you develop a more effective marketing plan, make the best business decisions, and achieve success in a shorter amount of time. Would you not want to get those awesome benefits?

8. Market Insight

It’s an unique amazon seller analytics that provides everything you need to know about your target market.

Just type in a root keyword and wait for 30s, you will be presented with a full-scale analysis of the market of your interest: profitability, market trend, competitive landscape, entry barriers and your business advantage, etc.

This proprietary tool has already helped over 90K users make wise investment into the already crowded space of FBA sellers. So if you are selling (or plan to sell) on Amazon, this is a tool you definitely have to try!

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