6 Ways to Reward Your Employees

The best managers in any organization are the supervisors who know how to get the best performance out of their employees without having them work long hours under a lot of stressful conditions. These are the managers who have learned how to motivate their staff to perform their best at all times. Also, since these managers actively listen to every individual that works for them, they can reward their staff with things that matter to them most. So, for those of you who want to learn some of the secrets to creating an awesome employee rewards & recognition system, here are 6 ways to reward your employees for doing a great job.

1. Offer Flex Time Hours

If you have parents of small children in your staff, the rewards that you offer these employees may differ greatly from workers who do not have any children in their homes. This is because the singles in your staff may favor earning extra money to using flex-time hours. For instance, some parents that you oversee may prefer to work flex time hours if they have a sick child. By flexing their work hours instead of taking unscheduled time off, they do not have to be penalized for being out of office

2. Award with Extra Vacation Time Off

Though some people can benefit from the extra money that they can earn through any type of award system, others may prefer award systems that give them extra vacation days. Because these vacation days can give them more time away from the office to spend in Jamaica and other fun vacation spots, the extra vacation time is just what some of your employees may need.

3. Create Occasions to Give Out Challenge Coins

If you really want to motivate your employees by giving them an opportunity to receive awards and recognition from your organization, you can create occasions for employees to earn challenge coins. Since these coins are designed specifically for certain events, these challenge coins can be very valuable to participants that possess them. For instance, each type of challenge coin may have the brand of the company and the special event engraved in gold or silver. In some cases, the company may even sponsor challenge coins that are made of expensive 24 carat gold. Whatever the case, these challenge coin events are an excellent way to reward employees for a job well done. For example, for those employees who work on large projects that earn the company large sums of money by getting new contracts, the challenge coins are considered to be great ways to award an employee.

4. Recognition via Awards Presented Before the Group

Some employees work very hard on any task or project that is assigned to them. In fact, because of their work ethics, they rarely take time off or use flex time hours, even when they are given to the entire group as a reward. Therefore, you need to implement an award system that accommodates the needs and values of this type of employee, too. For instance, this employee may be motivated by special awards that can be presented in front of their peers and other members of an organization. This Is because these special awards are often seen as the next step up to the career that they are preparing for.

5. Buy an Employee their Lunch

Another type of award or recognition that many of your workgroups can easily appreciate is a free lunch or dinner paid by the boss or the company. Buying an employee their lunch can serve numerous purposes, including spending a little extra time offsite with the boss or with the entire workgroup. In fact, a few hours away offsite eating with the group is also a great way for everyone to socialize, relax and relieve stress.

6. Reward Employees with a Vacation Package Away

If you want a hard worker to relax, you may think about paying for their vacation away. Paid vacations will often ensure the hardest workers in your group have a chance to relax and revive their energies. These vacation packages usually pay for all of the expenses including airline tickets, meals, hotel stays and virtually anything that gives them a chance to get away in style.


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