6 Tools Every Small SaaS Business Owners Should Have

Nowadays, running a business is no longer limited to our physical location. So much so that we can now hire people from different parts of the world.

This is made possible because of the technological advancements available today.

These days, you can do meetings through Zoom or Skype. You can use Streamyard to host a webinar. And you manage different clients using Trello, Podio, and more.

But what if you own a small SaaS business and do not have the budget for these tools? We suggest that you invest in the essential tools first.

Google Workplace

Formerly called Google Suite, this tool allows you to manage different tasks in a single platform. This includes your email, documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. And you get to keep all your output in cloud storage.

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That way, anyone in your team can access a file anywhere. No wonder any marketing agency for SaaS companies uses this tool.

The Google Workplace also enables your team to collaborate.

For instance, you are using Google Docs for your editorial calendar. Once the draft is done, your editors can make comments and corrections on the file itself. Doing so eliminates the need to send the documents back and forth for revision.

Once done, you can copy and paste your final draft on your Content Management System, and you are all set!


One of the secrets of a successful SaaS business is knowing how they can improve their services. As such, you will need a tool like Qualaroo to collect feedback.

This tool is not just any ordinary survey form. It allows you to collect feedback or improve user engagement.

For instance, you can ask how a user is likely to recommend your SaaS product.

What’s cool about Qualaroo is that it comes with AI-powered analytics. That way, you can analyze data that matters for your business at the moment.

This is ideal if you are thinking of ways to improve your product and make your business grow.

Salesmate CRM

If you run a SaaS business, it is imperative that you monitor your potential client’s sales cycles. This is where a Content Relationship Management tool, like Salesmate CRM, can help.

This SaaS CRM tool is easy to use and efficient in managing customer relations. This includes call handling, communication tracking, and automating repetitive tasks.

As such, a reliable CRM tool can help you close more deals and boost your sales.


According to 68% of marketers, video is more effective than Google Ads. So, it only makes sense that you add video marketing to your promotional strategy.

This is where video hosting platforms, like Wistia, can help.

What Wistia does is host your video to make it embeddable on your website, landing page, and more. Other than that, you can also customize how your video will look. This ensures that your content is in line with your branding.

As such, you can also use the platform to host educational videos. Think company onboarding for new hires or product demo for potential clients.

ProProfs Help Desk

Automate your customer support system with the help of the ProProfs Help Desk!

For one, this tool allows you to turn customer reports and issues into support tickets. That way, you can organize, prioritize, assign, and solve your problems with ease.

Keep in mind that customers are integral to make a business grow. This is regardless of whether you are in the SaaS industry or not.

Hence you will need a tool that can help you identify and solve issues real quick. Because without it, it is as good as giving your clients away to your competitors.


Want to schedule a meeting with a potential client? No need to list them down on a piece of paper. All you need is Calendly.

This online appointment scheduling software allows you to accept meeting schedules from clients. This is ideal if you want to encourage people to book a demo of your SaaS product.

There will be no need to send messages back and forth to confirm when you are available. What the client needs to do is pick an open schedule that suits him, add the necessary details, and book it.

The best part? You can sync it with your iCloud Calendar, Google Calendar, or Outlook.

Building rapport with your clients and embracing the opportunities that come with it has never been this easy!


Listed above are just some of the online apps and tools to get your SaaS business running. From connecting with potential clients to promoting your company, there is something that can work for you.

What’s important is that you remain resourceful and maximize whatever tools you currently have in your arsenal.

Do you have a favorite tool that you use to run your small SaaS company? Share in the comments what that tool is why you love it!

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