6 Salon And Spa Tips To Help Your Business During COVID- 19

Contact is crucial in the beauty industry; you can’t perform most of the services without touching the clients. With the concern of spreading the Coronavirus through personal contact, most businesses, especially salon and spas, were affected. But it’s not all lost; most of these businesses are reopening and thriving after a hard time. There are precautions and tips you can employ to keep your business operational during COVID-19. If you are part of the beauty industry, this is how your business can survive.

  1. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Contact 

Whether it’s facial cleansing, haircare or massage therapy, contact is essential. But it would help if you kept it very minimal, only initiate contact when you are offering such services. Any other business-related things like booking appointments or payment should be contactless. That way, you will ensure you keep your distance and your clients safe by not exposing them to unnecessary risks. Most salons and spas also sell beauty products on the side. It’s time you start selling online. As your customers are stuck home, self-care is still very essential. They should still have access to all the products you offer. It helps keep your business afloat and eliminates unnecessary contact.

  1. Don’t Charge Cancellation Fees. 

Any of your clients can contract the virus at any time or have someone close to them sick. Because it’s unusual times, you should also adjust to help your business. Allow them to cancel appointments without being charged. It shows concern for the client’s situation and keeps you and your staff safe. Suppose you maintain the cancellation fees; customers may prefer coming in, even when they are sick, to avoid the charges. In such a case, you would have put your spa or saloon at risk. It is also an intelligent business move during these times. When people learn about your zero cancellation charges, they will be very free to book appointments. 

  1. Maintain High Standards of Cleanliness 

Cleaning is already essential in spa and salon businesses, but now it needs to go a notch higher. Ensure all your clients are at ease when they visit your workplace. Sterilise all your tools, and you can be open about it so that they see you are taking every precaution. Give hand sanitiser to the customers when they come for their appointments. Your priority should be their wellness and health and generating profit from your business. If you neglect all the cleaning and unfortunately one of your clients falls ill, your name will be tarnished. Go the extra mile by cleaning regularly and following all the regulations regarding COVID-19.

  1. Go digital 

It’s not uncommon to connect with your clients virtually; you probably may have been doing it before. But with the current circumstances, you should review the services you offer on your online platforms. If a customer can’t show up for a haircut, you can upload short and simple tutorials to help. Most companies away from the beauty industry are also using the same method to stay connected to their clients. Your customers will remember the generosity after the pandemic; it will help you grow your loyal client’s list. It may look like you are giving them your secrets for free, but it’s the best way to win clients over.

  1. Offer Selected Services 

Before the pandemic, you might have been offering lots of services in your salon or spa. Despite all the services, there are selected few that you are famously known for. To ease congestion at your business place, you can choose to offer only the selected few. If you are known for body massage or haircuts, then provide those services with pre-booking. Others can be kept on hold until when things get better. When you plan your operations well, you will observe social distancing while earning the most. It’s easy because if you are known for specific services, it means you have capable and dedicated staff to help. Ensure you are aware of upcoming appointments so that you can clean in between and give each client the best services.

  1. Keep In Touch 

Even if you close down operations for one reason or another, stay connected with your clients. Unless you are not planning to reopen your business, constant communications are critical. Automate everything you can and offer updates to customers. You can use their emails, your website or build a newsletter. Accept consultations when they happen; being distant may cost you a big chunk of your client’s list. All the advice you usually give in person, you should offer it online now and maintain personal relationships with your clients. That way, when you are ready to reopen, you will be picking up from where you left off.


Despite the current challenges facing the beauty industry, it is a lucrative and profitable investment. It is a billion-dollar industry that has put many brands on the map over the past few years. It usually is easier when you have a salon space for rent because your business will be more flexible and easy to manage. Observe all the precautions and put strategies in place to help you pass through this challenging time that won’t last forever.

Brad Richman