5 Common Problems That Arise from Working at Home

Due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, everyone is encouraged to work from home if they can. Because so many nonessential businesses have closed, plenty of people are struggling to have a source of income for bills, groceries and other supplies. There are plenty of introverts and people with social anxiety who would be more comfortable working from home than working in retail or fast food. There are also people who are fortunate enough to be able to work remotely so they can go out and live their best life. But for all those extroverts who enjoy social settings, working from home can be more of a damper.

Problem 1: Back Problems

There are a few problems that working from home can cause regardless of how much or little you enjoy it. One of those problems can be back pain from sitting in a bad posture. This can be the result of sitting on the couch or in a chair without comfortable cushioning.


Using an office chair can be much better and more comfortable for your back and posture. You can also use a standing desk so you alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. If you’ll be standing a lot more than you’re used to, you should take a look at Protalus.com for some great shoe insoles.

Problem 2: Lack of Physical Activity

Another problem that can be caused from working from home is the lack of physical activity. Sitting at your desk for hours working away may provide a sense of productivity, but you need to take breaks.


Get up and stretch your legs. Pace around your house while taking a lunch break. Step out onto your front porch for a few minutes for some fresh air. Keeping up physical activity of some kind can also relieve you of the bad posture that’s giving you back pain.

Problem 3: Getting Disengaged by Distractions

Another more obvious problem is disengaging and getting distracted by home life. You might find yourself tempted to watch TV instead. You may have to step away to tend to the needs of your kids. Those who work from home typically have a designated work area that’s somewhat isolated from the rest of the house such as a home office. They have a set number of hours for each day they plan to work.


Any kids should know that you have work to do and shouldn’t be disruptive. Hopefully you have a spouse or another adult in the house who can look after them so you can work. Aside from home life distractions, there’s also the temptation to play games or visit social media sites. Those can be set aside for coffee and lunch breaks. It’s up to you to make sure you’re staying focused on your work.

Problem 4: Unreliable Internet

Some other problems from working from home are internet problems. With everyone forced to stay at home during this pandemic, a lot more people are on the internet for either work or entertainment purposes. Your internet speed may end up not being at its best or even at its most decent.


If your Wi-Fi happens to be slower than what’s convenient for you, perhaps you can rely on your smartphone for a hot spot. Maybe turning on cellular data will be helpful.

Problem 5: Communication

A final problem is a lack of communication. Your job might involve collaborating with coworkers or working together as a team. If you’re all working remotely, it’s important that everyone is kept up to date on what work is being done and the work that is coming up.


There are several group chat and conference apps that can be used to communicate with each other. Everyone should come to an agreement on an app that they’re familiar with and comfortable using. If you have work to be shared with each other, agree on a place to share it where it can be accessed by everyone or at least by those who need to have access to it.

Finding Solutions

These are five of a handful of problems that can be caused by working from home. We’re all going through this pandemic together; plenty of us are suffering physically, mentally and financially. It’s important to do what we can to survive until the world goes back to normal.


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