5 Amazing Ideas for Kids Room to Maximize Space

The home sizes vary as per your family size and your needs. Not every family needs a large house and not everyone has a big budget for that. The master bedroom and living room are often more spacious than the kids room and guest room. In order to design your home, you need some expert ideas to arrange all things still save the space for walking and other activities.

When you have a small kids room, you must decorate it carefully. Because your kids need storage of clothes, toys and sports equipment. In addition, your kids need one twin bed per child, so it is better to go with a bunk bed or even a triple bunk bed for kids. If you have three kids then you should buy a king size bunk bed so that all of them can sleep comfortably on it.

5 Amazing Ideas for Kids Room to Maximize Space

When you hire an interior designer, s/he measures concerned room and tries to fit all necessary things without taking up any additional space. However, some people prefer to design their home interior by themselves. If you are one of such people then you need to use some techniques that we are going to share here. Here we provide some amazing ideas to help you design your kids room and save a lot of space.

  1. In-Wall Cabinet
  2. Hanging Lights
  3. Wall Mounted Night Light and Fans
  4. Bunk Bed OR Loft Bed
  5. Folding Desk and Chair

Now, we will explain each idea in detail to explain how it can fulfill your need still does not waste any space of your kids room.

#1. In-Wall Cabinet

There are many wooden and metal cabinets available, you can choose one of them if you have a spacious room. But such standalone cabinets are not suitable for small rooms. Therefore we recommend you to either buy or build an in-wall cabinet in your desired size. The in-wall cabinet goes half inside the wall area and takes up a little floor space in your room.

An in-wall cabinet provides a lot of storage space just like a regular wood cabinet. Your kids can use that cabinet for storage of their clothes and shoes as well. If you want a separate storage for toys then you should get two in-wall cabinets to use one for kids’ clothes and the other for their toys. It is strongly recommended to install sliding doors on storage cabinets, because the sliding doors are easy to open & close and they don’t take up extra space when opened.

#2. Hanging Lights:

This is a new trend that most people use hanging lights in their bedroom. A light hanging on the ceiling and throwing light in your kids room looks amazing, right? If you attach a light on a side wall then it won’t light up that wall. On the other hand, if you add a hanging light in the center of the room, it will light up the entire room. It looks great and fills up your kids room with light.

You can use colorful lights around the main lights or add them in corners to attract your kids’ attention when they are in room. Just make sure the colorful lights are also hanging on ceiling or mounted on wall. You can also add a ceiling fan with lights in its center which makes it a 2-in-1 equipment for kids.

#3. Wall Mounted Night Light and Fans

A nightlight is very important and useful in your kids’ room. The kids often need to wake up during night and the night light provides necessary vision to them. You should avoid buying a night light with stand as it takes up the floor space or you need a desk to place that night light. Instead of a night light with stand, you should go for a wall mounted night light.

A wall mounted night light does not take up any floor space still provides vision to the sleepers. You may have seen table fans and standing tower fans, they need some space on your floor. But you can save that space with help of a wall mounted fan. Simply, get one or more wall mounted fans and install them on the wall near your kids bunk bed or loft bed. You can also adjust the angle of fan to provide airflow on your kids when they are sleeping.

#4. Bunk Bed OR Loft Bed

In every family, the kids use a shared bed as there is one room for multiple kids. Instead of buying a double bed or two single beds, you should go for a bunk bed. If you have three kids then you should get a king size bunk bed so that your kids can sleep comfortably on it. You can select a twin over king bunk bed to get enough sleeping space for multiple kids without sacrificing their comfort. You should check the maximum weight limit at the time of buying a king size bunk bed for kids.

A king size bunk bed is sturdy enough to allow up to three kids to sleep simultaneously. It is also suitable and comfortable to use for adults. Some king size bunk beds also include a trundle bed that can accommodate one more child. Some bunk beds contains drawers and open shelves to allow safe storage of bedding stuff, toys, books, stationary stuff and other things. If you have only one child then get a loft bed with desk to create a sleeping and studying space for your child.

#5. Folding Desk and Chair:

Your kids need a desk for studying and doing their homework. In addition, The kids need a desk and several chairs for playing air hockey, snake & ladder, Ludo and other games. If you buy a standing table and chair set, it will always take up the floor space. On the other hand, we suggest you to get a set of folding desk and chair.

If you take a look on furniture market, you will see a lot of options in foldable desk and chair set. The best feature of this set is that the folding desk and chairs occupy the floor space only when they are in use. When your kids are not using them, you can fold them up and store under bed or on wall shelf or in the store room.

Final Words:

In this way, you can add all the stuff to the kids room still save a lot of space. We hope that our suggested innovative ideas have helped you to design your children’s room in a way to save the floor space and accomplish your kids’ needs.

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