4 Big Benefits of Hiring an MSP

An MSP, or Managed Service Provider, is an external company that offers an outsourced remote responsibility in the day-to-day management of IT services. 

Not only is MSP’s popular with larger corporations, but also small to medium-sized businesses because there are many benefits of utilizing them regardless of turnover or business size in general. 

Minimal to Zero Capital Outlay & Affordability

The responsibility of the Managed Service Provider is to maintain and supply a top-class IT service. To do this, a leading MSP will obtain the best equipment and technologies available with no financial impact to you. After all, they are investing in their own abilities to serve your needs instead of investing in equipment that you feel your business may need.  

In turn, upon hiring an MSP, you will be offered a usually fixed monthly cost as per your needs, without having ever to worry that upgrades or technological changes might crop up, making using an MSP an easily budgetable business option.

Access to Professional Advice

Sometimes, you need to speak to someone and access professional advice. A managed service provider will usually offer the option within your tailored service level agreement of a 24 hour a day contact to be there for you whenever you need them. 

MSP’s are experts in their fields who have dedicated their careers to the IT servicing world of business. You can guarantee that you will always have a technological whizz available to speak to whenever required. 

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From tech support for IT assistance queries to your account manager for general operational queries, you will be number one priority as their paying customer instead of an internal IT department who may have been tasked with several things from many different department managers.

Scalability and Flexibility

Sometimes business changes happen without us even seeing them coming, which can ultimately mean infrastructure amendments or requirements at the drop of a hat. 

Take the Covid 19 pandemic as an example; suddenly, businesses were closing their doors, and entire workforces were working from home with little to no notice at all. 

Whether an upturn or downturn in business, Managed Service Providers are on hand to increase or decrease requirements on an ‘as required basis. It is much easier and quicker than hiring new IT experts within a day or laying off experts should you need to. 

Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Centralisation.

Imagine if the office block your business was based in burnt down or had a flood? Thankfully you could continue to work if you had hired an MSP. 

By having a remote IT service provided by your managed service provider, your workforce cannot only access what they need regardless of location, thus improving productivity, but you can be sure that your business-critical information will be backed up and available thanks to the MSP’s resilient investments. 

Many other benefits are surrounding hiring a managed service provider; the four mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg. 

Chris Turn

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