Upgrade options to your commercial space

There are many factors that contribute to the efficiency and value of a commercial space. Whether you want to improve how a property looks, want to make it more conducive to productivity for tenants or a combination of reasons, updating a commercial space can have a huge impact on how your property is perceived by employees and customers. Here are some ideas of how you can upgrade your commercial space to give it a new lease of life.

Make every space purposeful

Every inch of a commercial space should be useful, so scan through your property to identify wasted areas and think about how they can be put to better use. High traffic areas are often overlooked, such as kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. Corridors are naturally essential to a commercial building and they have a big impact on how someone will experience the property, so think about how you can improve them. Are corridors wide enough to be accessible to wheelchair users? Are freight lifts in the right places to improve operations? Are there guest bathrooms in public areas such as reception areas? How can you present the best impression to your employees, guests and visitors that represents your brand in the right way while also improving functionality.

Look up

One thing that’s often overlooked is vertical space. Suspended ceiling systems tackle this issue by improving the look of ceilings, from concealing wires and cables to keeping air conditioning and lighting tucked away neatly. Suspended metal ceilings are bespoke to your project and can be used to keep maintenance straightforward by hiding away numerous systems in one place and improving the aesthetics of a property. It can also improve the acoustics too, which is great for tenants who want to maximise productivity and create a better work environment for staff.

Go green

Energy efficiency is something that applies to all buildings, both residential and commercial, but it’s an upgrade that can have a huge impact on not only the reputation of property owners and tenants but also on the operational costs of maintaining a building. Commercial spaces use a lot of electricity, and so making changes to create a more energy efficient property can help to bring utility costs down while also improving the carbon footprint of the building. Add insulation to your roof and doors, upgrade appliances for more eco-friendly options and install renewable energy systems where possible.

Create versatile workspaces

Versatility is critical in a commercial property. You need the space to be useful for different purposes, but also versatile as needs and business demands change. A dynamic workspace is an upgrade solution that more business owners should consider, as it’s easy to implement and offers benefits to all tenants. Create individual work areas, meeting rooms in different sizes to accommodate everything from formal conferences to informal one-to-ones, as well as collaboration zones for team work and brainstorming. By using partitioning, you can adapt a layout easily without it costing you money every time. The pandemic taught us that business needs can change rapidly, so having a dynamic environment that you can change at a moment’s notice is a benefit to all involved.

Make a good first impression

First impressions count in business, so if you’re looking to upgrade a commercial space, focus on the entry way or reception area as this is likely to be most people’s first impression and experience of your property. Whether it’s an office block, a retail store, a hotel or a warehouse, an outdated entry way can really have a negative impact on your reputation and sales. Make this area aesthetically pleasing and functional, so people enjoy the experience of coming into the space and don’t leave with a poor impression of your brand.

Final thoughts

Upgrading a commercial property doesn’t need to be an expensive undertaking, and in many cases, it’s small changes that can have the biggest impact on how people see a property and how they use it. From providing versatility in layout to concealing unsightly systems such as lighting cables or making sure your property is as accessible as possible by considering how every inch of the property is used, you can update a space easily for great results.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.