Six Types of Golf Course Marketing Tactics for 2022

With thousands of new golfers Start playingGolf courses have been busy since the start of the pandemic. While there’s some competition between courses, both public and private facilities are experiencing an increased number of participants, as well as lessons and members.  

Golf course marketing plays a greater role in defining your brand and distinguishing you from the rest. There are many ways to market your golf course business.There are many ways to disseminate information about one’s golf course, but the best ones for your course will depend on the type of facility you have, your target market and budget. The following are the six best marketing techniques for golf courses:

Email marketing

Digital marketing

Videos and content creation

Marketing for millennials


Traditional marketing

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Email marketing

Email marketingEmails are still an effective way of building trust among members of private clubs and other golfers. Marketing emails that are targeted at specific groups is a powerful tool. Have a ladies’ event to promote for this weekend? A clear, concise and direct email can be sent to the Ladies Association members. 

Email makes it easier to foster relationships. Sending birthday wishes, congratulatory emails or “where have you been?” emails create personal engagement with members that usually doesn’t go overlooked.

Software for automation lets professionals create emails with less stress—you can set it and forget it. Todd Hojnacki, PGA Professional sends a Weekly Golf Shop News Email to over 800Roxiticus golf clubMembers every Sunday at 6:30. This weekly email is expected by members. Members can use the information to plan their personal and professional lives. Hojnacki sends an extra email to his subscribers each week, as an opportunity for updates and reminders. Hojnacki is careful not to send too many emails. The more email you send, the less likely your members will be to open them. Less they read the better

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is more than email marketing. It includes social media channels and video content as well as SMS marketing. Instagram is a very popular social media platform used by PGA Professionals to post video tips and advertise new products, events or golfer achievements. The Instagram Page of Cantigny GolfFor instance, a look at the 27-hole facility in Wheaton, Illinois is a great way to see it. Cantigny’s award-winning wedding service, the recent successes of their PGA Professional staff, or smiling faces from their varied clientele are all highlighted in each post. 

Learn how to implement courses SEO (search engine optimization) strategiesYou are investing in your future by driving more traffic to your website. The digital marketing method requires more than just stating facts in emails. Riveting content that catches the customer’s eye and piques their interest enough to keep them engaged on your site is the goal. Third-party websites such as Google, Golf Advisor and Yelp should be encouraged to leave reviews. 

This should be noted SMS messagesPush notifications and other types of push notifications are rapidly becoming more accessible and easy to use.Most effective way to connectYour audience. Push notifications are hard to miss, as they pop up on the golfer’s cell phone screen. Small Biz Sense GolfIt allows you to send messages straight to customers. Additionally, our team of web developers can assist you in creating your custom app. 

Videos and content creation

Video and content creation can be a great way for instructors of golf to share their skills. Videos posted on social media and YouTube are also a powerful way to show your facility’s pristine conditions and picturesque views. 

You can post video tips to Instagram, or longer. You Tube clipsThis can be a great way for your professional to build their reputation and market their business. Some of the biggest names in PGA coaching circles–Trillium Rose, Todd Sones, Mike Malaska and Mike Bender, for example–are incredibly active on social media and become ambassadors for other products, in addition to their own teaching business. The number of followers and engagement, AKA “influence,” one has often dictates the effectiveness of his or her online message. 

Marketing for Millennials

The three methods of marketing detailed thus far—email marketing, digital marketing and Video and content creation—are most-effective for Attracting Millennials. Whether they’re looking for a coach, a place to play or a site for their wedding, digital marketing methods are more likely to reach a younger demographic. 

Reaching millennials is easy via social media or staying mobile. Remember that this generation isn’t your typical golfing audience so it’s important to create content for them. Be honest in your message and genuine in your intentions, as this generation doesn’t respond well to anything forced or phony. 


Online workshops and webinars have taken over traditional events marketing due to the influenza pandemic. These platforms not only provide an excellent opportunity to engage a larger group of individuals, but they can also lead to valuable Q&A sessions that are not available in most other forms of marketing. 

Virtual networking has been adopted by businesses of every size to retain employees and customers. Online courses offer several options to help communicate and stay relevant with clients. These include membership meetings, Rule seminars, or simply promotional seminars. 

Traditional marketing

When you research golf course marketing tactics, the buzzwords you’ll see are: online, virtual, social media, websites, content creation, etc. You typically won’t find TV commercials, newspaper ads or radio spots as suggested tactics to try. That’s because paying for ads to be placed in older forms of marketing can be risky or ineffective in the current environment. 

However, each golf course is unique. It is possible that traditional marketing techniques work better for your audience. Trent Maxwell, a PGA Professional, is an example.  Windmill Golf CenterOhio recently employed a marketing specialist to manage that part of the business. This club offers a lot to promote, including expert fitting, instruction and a 27-hole short golf course.Award-winning property. Maxwell ran several television commercials that delivered Maxwell’s message to a highly targeted audience on the local Golf Channel. Targeted marketing words work online but the niche still exists in traditional methods of promotion. 

Find out what sticks

The following six golf marketing techniques can help us get the message out to our customers. Some of these tools may work better than others for your particular course—and we encourage you to explore new options and opportunities. 

If you’re looking for marketing help, whether that’s email automation software, a new website, or social media marketing services, let us know. Speak to one of our experts in golfLearn how Small Business Sense Golf could help your company grow.


Cyndy Lane