Startup Like a CHAMP


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Startup Like a CHAMP is a 65 page workbook and guide that shows you how to navigate through the questions and considerations you need to create an AMAZING online presence from scratch for your brand.


This guide offers you:

  • Planning essentials and questions to help you determine what your goals are to make sure that they align with your business strategy
  • A list of tools and resources that are essential to building a platform that gives people access to your business online
  • Instructions on how to write copy for your online presence that gets noticed!
  • A list of branding essentials that you create a visually appealing brand identity
  • Actions that you need to take to create + brand your social media marketing profiles like a CHAMP!
  • Instructions for choosing an email marketing service plus done-for-you email autoresponder templates that you can use to send to your subscribers
  • Tips for creating an email opt-in to GROW your email list
  • Step by step guidance for creating a landing page that converts like crazy (with examples)

The Workbook also includes:

  • A blog planning template to organize your blog posts
  • A weekly social media posting schedule to help you organize + plan out your social media marketing
  • A 30 day calendar + list of content that you can use to brand your social media networks
  • Pre-launch + post launch checklists and ….more!

Grab your copy of the Startup Like a CHAMP guide to start building your online presence like a CHAMP!