How to Boost Your Vaping Business

The vape business sector has been on its increase lately. However, there are still challenges that any new business face. To gain a customer’s attention, it is not sufficient to just produce high-quality products. It is essential that potential buyers actually see your products.

Making your business visible in the era of overwhelming information is not an easy task. Even so, the utilization of such modern media as social networks may boost your sales. The usage of social networks is the most efficient instrument in which many companies have already invested to take advantage of the commercial opportunity it represents. Facebook and its 2.27 billion active users or Twitter and its 67 million monthly active users prove the craze of Internet users around the world for social networks. The scale of the phenomenon invites you not to neglect what could become a vital source of prospects for your company.

Write about your products

Social networks are an effective way to inform users of the release of a new product or to obtain exclusives on developments and improvements of the business. The early buyers, who are particularly sensitive, remain the first to rush on the new product. They share the information later with their different communities which are numerous for the vaping industry. On social networks, you can broadcast any type of data that differs a little from your usual communication, thus, develop your close communication style with your clients, and create links that will allow you to direct your fans to your website. Products of your type are numerous on the Web; high-quality content is little. Provide unique and qualitative information about the whole industry and separate products, and fans of the vaping industry will be interested in your up-market e-cigarette or e-vapor.

Interact with your public

Another purpose of social networks, apart from sharing information, is to interact with your potential and actual buyers and analyze their preferences. Social media allow you to ask the opinion of fans in particular through polls and reviews. You can understand what customers really think of your products and possibly use the tips they suggest to improve it.

Remember that nearly 9 out of 10 people have read online reviewed prior to access a local business. Don’t worry if there are negative ones, use it as a possibility to comprehend your customer and improve your product. In this way, you create a proximity link with your user and invite your followers to connect with each other.

Share information about smoking cessation

The research has shown that 90% of customers going to the vape shop request information about how to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. It is not surprising since an e-cig is considered one of the best ways to get rid of nicotine addiction. Benefit from this statistics reasonably and provide your actual or potential clients with information. Educate your staff in the physical shop and share useful tips on your website and social networks. Again, don’t limit yourself with physical interaction with the public: make your appearance on digital space.

Submit unique offers

Every customer would appreciate having being rewarded. This creates an emotional background that will potentially make your occasional customer the most loyal one. Why not reward those who follow your brand for a long time for being your first ambassadors? You can offer special offers that only your fans have access to. Another method is to make them participate in specific contests that remain an excellent way to retain them. In the spring of 2015, the company Smoke in Style organized a photography contest where people had to share their selfies and photos of themselves enjoying their electronic cigar in different places in exchange of a free bottle of e-liquid. The 2018 version of such a contest would definitely take place on Instagram. Users could share their photos in the feed using specially branded hashtags or mention your company account in stories.

Show the backstage of your business

People rarely love businesses, they love people who create them. So don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to your customers! Various sources such as corporate blogs, social networks, and others are a way to share behind the scenes to users. The story of the creation of the brand, anecdotes about situations that have happened, rewards for the company, employees honored… All this information normally do not reach the attention of your followers So why not put them in the privacy of the company so that they can feel a sense of belonging or not inform them of the vacancies open in your company? On the profile of the company on Facebook, one can look at pictures of events organized internally, watch videos to see how the best e-cig is made. In case you are looking for new employees or want to keep in touch with competitors, on the LinkedIn professional network, it is common for companies to create a page and post content to provide an overview of the company’s culture.


Sure thing, the digital space in particular social networks, can be a great place to advertise. The information obtained on the users (age, sex, location, education) make it possible to target your audience more efficiently via social networks. For instance, Facebook allows advertisers to give more visibility to their events by sharing them directly on the newsfeed, just like regular advertising. In the same way, Twitter has developed a system of sponsored profiles allowing any user to pay to highlight his profile. There is also a paid tweets recommendation service, as well as a video insertion module in advertising tweets.

All in all, ways how to boost your business are numerous. In the modern era of innovative technology, one should avoid sticking to physical stores. To make your brand visible, you should be present online (even if you do not, your customers certainly will write reviews on your product without you knowing about it). Make the best out of your website and pages on social networks, and positive return won’t keep you waiting for long.

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