How Low-Level Access Lifts Have Reduced Fall At Work Injuries

Humans have been using ladders and scaffoldings for centuries. But it’s time to evolve now. With rapidly developing technology, work safety gadgets are also roaming around the market that has made it easier to work in high places. Now workers are working without any fear of slipping, tripping or falling from heights like they had when standing on a ladder. 

Replacing the outdated tools with low-level access lifts has shown a significant reduction in the work injuries by falling from heights. Low-level access lifts are specially designed to help you in comfortably reaching tasks at heights up to 20 ft. You can significantly reduce the number of work accidents by shifting to low-level access lifts. Before delving deeper to know how you can increase your safety at work with low-level access lifts, let’s first know how dangerous falls at work are.

Accidents By Falls At Work 

A total of 693,000 workplace accidents occurred in the UK during 2019/20. Out of these, almost 8% of accidents were caused by injuries related to falls at work. It means that more than 55,000 injuries were caused by falling from a height in a single year. 

Falling from a height is among the top five causes of getting injured at work. No doubt the workers are trying to come up with the solutions to reduce this toll. But the number is staggeringly high at the moment. 

Let us now have a look at some of the reasons why low-level access lifts are beneficial not only for the employee but also for the employer. 

  1. No Trips, Slips or Falls

Slips and trips are also among the top causes of injuries at work. They accounted for more than 29% of total workplace injuries in the UK during 2019/20. On the other hand, falls from a height remained the top for fatal injuries. Out of the total of 111 injuries, 29 workers died as a result of falling from heights at work during 2019/20. But having low-level access lifts can reduce these accidents due to their safe design. In this way, you can reduce the accidents that are caused by slipping, tripping and falling from high places. 

  1. Reduced Cost of Accident At Work Claims

Injury at work claims cost businesses with hundreds of thousands of pounds each year. An accident at work claim is the amount of compensation that is given to the victims of a work accident for getting injured in it. As it’s said, “prevention is better than cure”. Why not apply the same analogy to your business. You can reduce the number of injuries caused by falls at work. It will, in turn, reduce the number of work injury claims against you, ultimately leading to the reduced cost. 

  1. Increase In Business Reputation

If you have sustained an injury at work, you would have an idea that the manager is reluctant to record your accident in the “Accident Book”. It is because a high number of accidents will damage the business reputation. But when you are taking the precautionary measures beforehand, you will definitely have a low number of accidents. It will lead to the reputation of your business. 

Bottom Line

Low-level access lifts are a great way to reduce workplace injuries. But they aren’t the only way to bring down the number of your fall from height injuries. With the advancement in technology, new and advanced products are coming on the market each day. It is the employer’s job to get the safety equipment that is necessary for the worker’s safety. If this doesn’t happen, injuries by falling from a height will increase ultimately leading to more work injury claims against the business. 

Dorian Koci