Everything you Need to Know About Brand Protection and Anti-piracy Solutions

Let us paint the picture of what is unfortunately a very common story. You work hard to pay your own bills and eventually are able to set up your own business. Your company turns out to be a very successful one and even though it took everything that you got, eventually you created a healthy and pleasant working atmosphere for yourself. All goes well until one day you wake up and find yourself and your company being the victim of online piracy.

Although online piracy has many forms, it can most definitely become fatal for your (online) business. Therefore, it is important to inform yourself about the risks and solution to online piracy. Do you want to know more about anti-piracy solutions? Then make sure to read the text below.

Protecting intellectual property

Unfortunately, with the internet becoming bigger and e-learning solutions becoming more well-thought-out, stealing intellectual property also forms a greater risk. Content creators contribute to the internet playfield and do this by thinking about how they can be service and creating their own unique content. However, since it is easy to copy these products and services, the risk of becoming a victim to online piracy is especially high for content creators. 

Anti-piracy solutions can be of service when it comes to protecting intellectual property, such as video’s software and images. Tools can help to find your illegal copies and delete them from the internet.

Protecting products

Products can be stolen by online piracy in the same way that goes for intellectual property. Illegal copies can also be called counterfeit copies of products and can cause your company to lose money. By using anti-counterfeiting solutions, you can stop online piracy, which will possibly lead into increasing sales and traffic. 

Protecting data

It doesn’t matter if you are a large or small company, cyber security is important for you and your business. Data can be protected with several online solutions. Think of dark web monitoring and data breach monitoring. Handing over important research questions like is my company in risk for a data breach or is anything out of the ordinary, can be tough. Nevertheless, it is important to do so.

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.