Digital Marketing 101: An Intro for Golf Courses

It wasn’t long ago that a good website or a focused email campaign was all you needed to attract new customers and share information with your existing clientele. Since then, digital marketing is much more than just these highly successful strategies. 

In fact, today’s diverse digital world presents many innovative opportunities to get your message out to the masses, which is great news for your course. Customers can be reached via email blasts and social media. Push notifications, SMS text messages, video content, and emails are all options. 

To reach their market, golf facility managers should use digital marketing. This article will discuss the most effective and popular digital marketing techniques you can employ for your golf club. 

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The ultimate guide for marketing your course

To reach more people, learn how to optimize your site and social media channels.

Learn about the social media benefits

You’d be hard-pressed to find a golf facility in North America that doesn’t have a social media presence. After all, it’s cost effective, can be done whenever and wherever, and often by whomever. 

McGolf Driving Range is located in Dedham (Massachusetts). PGA Professional Eric McInerney has a lot to promote—a driving range, short game area, mini golf, instruction, club fitting, club repair, technology, cafe and ice cream bar—and His websiteDoes a wonderful job in letting people know about what they have to offer. 

McGolf’s Instagram pageHowever, McInerney goes one step further and highlights the smiles on customers, teenagers, parents, and golfers. Over time, McInerney has built a group of engaged followers who eagerly await his next post, which could be anything from a picture of a sunny day of golf, a snowy driving range or a golfer who couldn’t be happier to be at McGolf Driving Range. 

According to experts, you don’t have to be on all social media platforms. It would take time to develop a marketing strategy that covers all channels. This is not something most professionals are able to do. These vital tasks can be handled by marketing specialists who have more opportunity to reap the benefits of social media.  

Although Facebook is sometimes outdated compared with Instagram and TikTok it remains an option for clubs to connect customers via social media. Newbury Golf Center opened in 2020 by Erik Sorensen (PGA Professional). With an stellar websiteAn engaging and memorable experience Follow us on Instagram, Sorensen started a private women’s golf Facebook group and has more than 150 members in the group with access to information on pertinent golf topics. It’s helped. Grow his women’s programsAn example of how social media can be used to demonstrate the benefit to customers as well as new potential clients.

Send push notifications and share your information

Take into account both It’s simple and efficientPush notifications allow customers and members to be engaged right from their smartphones. The best golf clubs create their own. Apps that are customizedIndividuals who both have the app downloaded and consented to receive notifications instantly can get information and updates. 

Notifications via push are best for private club members as well as tournament players who require immediate information. Inclement weather, delayed tee time, events postponed—push notifications most reflect the expediency available in disseminating information to a group of people. Information is key at a private club, and today’s more savvy golfer will appreciate all that an app has to offer. 

Push notifications sent out to private club members drive tournament participation and increase golf shop sales. Private golf facilities have a captive audience of individuals who have not only joined the club, but they’ve downloaded the app. They’re all in and are expecting your notification. 

As an example of the power and utility of push notifications, Matt Taken, PGA Professional, from Tuckaway Country Club in Wisconsin received some Milwaukee Bucks shirts last year. Taken informed his colleagues through his app. He says it wasn’t long before five members came through the doors to gear up for the game they were attending that night.

It is quick and easy to send SMS messages or marketing text messages via SMS.

Short message service (SMS) marketing is an option. Personal and efficientIt is a great way to get in touch with your customers. Using text messages instead of emails, this is another method, like push notifications,  of communicating with members wherever they happen to be. 

There’s a drink special tonight and the course is full of golfers? Send them a text. Did you know that we have new merchandise arriving in our golf shop? Contact them. Are you looking for a new game idea? You can send this text to see what responses you get. Text messages can, like emails, be targeted to specific groups of people. This allows you to personalize your message to reach the correct audience. 

Texting is a great way to get your message across quickly. There are no barriers, either—you don’t need to open a specific social media app or email account. The best thing about this type of communication is its openness. 99 percent. Comparatively, research shows that email open rates currently remain at Just barely above 20 percent

Also, text links are more clickable than emails. These numbers don’t lie, and neither will the increased revenues across your facility as a result of the diverse marketing strategies you’ve implemented online. 

In order to send marketing messages through text, however, you’ll need software that automates the process. Small Biz Sense tools such as ChronoPitch can be used to send marketing messages to people who have opted into receiving your communications.  

You can show your skills with video creation

It comes down to the creation of engaging videosGolf instructors lead the charge for social media sites like YouTube and other platforms. Instructional tips can be posted to promote the business and the facilities.

Golf facilities use video to showcase their finest amenities. This is usually done on a pristine course or large practice area. Posting videos, as with all digital marketing strategies, is cost-effective and easy to share through one of the communication channels already mentioned. 

The website remains a powerful marketing tool

A website that’s user-friendly and informative, simple to navigate, appealing, interactive, and attractive is a successful one. You can improve your search engine optimization (SEO), by using the right tools and methods. Attract people to your siteHighlight the most important information. When someone searches for a course near you, Google will show you as the best option.  

Small Biz Sense can help you build or optimize your website. We offer a white-glove website design and development serviceGolf courses marketing and advertising management 

Keep up-to-date and increase revenue by using the best tools 

Even during the renaissanceMarketing is vital to your business, regardless of how the game is doing. You have many options to promote a golf course. Whether you’re a private club with an older membership or a fun and vibrant driving range with technology and music and young people hanging out, there is Marketing strategies that will help you attract more customers

Small Biz Sense’s one-stop golf course management platform lets you save time when it comes to  sales, marketing and more. Speak to one our experts to learn more about how Small Biz Sense Golf can transform your course’s marketing and operations. 


Cyndy Lane