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4 Major Causes of Downtime for Small Businesses and How to Avoid Them

Have you ever had a computer system crash in your small business network, lost important files for your clients or your company’s financial records?    Even worse, what would happen if your computer network was inaccessible for days-even weeks?  Is your small business prepared in case disaster strikes?     We all know that disasters can […]

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6 Internet Security Best Practices for Small Business Networks

2013 was without a doubt a year of high profiled cyber security scams.  First, there was the massive data security breach of Target that impacted more than 70 million customers. Months later, Neiman Marcus’ computer systems were compromised. The fact is… breaches can be quite costly and devastating – especially for small businesses. Here is […]

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4 Cheap Ways to Make an Old PC Run Faster

Happy New Year’s Peeps! I must admit that it feels really good to be back. I decided to write up this blog post due to some issues that I experienced over the holiday break with my desktop pc. I’ve had my desktop computer for quite some time (a few years to be exact), and think […]

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