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5 Steps to Properly Brand a Startup Company

Well hello again!   Brand awareness…. it’s where it’s at. Establishing a brand for a new startup is very important and critical to business success.  If you think about it, the majority of the world’s largest and most powerful companies rose to prominence–largely due to “brand recognition”.   Take Apple Computers as an example.  If you were to survey […]

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How to Choose a Wireless Router for Your Small Business

Choosing a wireless router can be a task—especially if you are a non-technical person.  With so many of these devices out there on the market, it certainly makes the process of buying one for a small business that much harder.   What is a Wireless Router?   In simple terms, a wireless router is a […]

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Five Low Cost Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

Happy Tuesday! Marketing a small business can be very expensive.  One of the biggest mistakes that I have seen small business owners do is to spend a ton of money on marketing their businesses—but fail to get any results. Today on Small Business Sense, I will be presenting 5 Low Cost Guerrilla Marketing Ideas that you […]

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