5 Ways a POS Can Grow Your Golf Course Business

Golf courses adopting the best golf POS are significantly outpacing the industry in terms of growth. A recent, in-depth analysis of 87 new Chronogolf PRO customers showed that, on average, Chronogolf’s customers grew their business by 9% after their first year with their new POS. This is far ahead of the 1% industry average growth for 2014.We’ve found that Chronogolf courses using data and tools found directly in the golf management software get the basics right:

1. Comprehensive inventory management

2. People who can be dynamic

3. Omnichannel environments

4. Marketing targeting

5. Save time


1. Improve your ability to buy inventory.

A golf POS system that is the best provides important information regarding inventory movement, such as:

  • An inventory of all current assets within your store
  • Here are details about your sales:
  • Sales by any time period (day, month, year, & trends over time)
  • Any category, such as classification or department, can be sold.
  • Vendors sell
  • Profits by vendor, item and category
  • Your store’s top and bottom-performing items and categories

How often should I place a new order? What should I order?

You can have a stock of the highest quality golf pos available and ensure that you don’t run out. You can access all of your inventory quantities through built-in reports.

What is the best time to take steps for slow-moving inventory

Managers of golf courses, large or small, must be aware that cash flow is a critical issue. Cash flow problems can cause poor sales, which in turn will affect vendor relationships and possibly hinder growth.


2. Establish a knowledgeable team

Online research is becoming more popular and customers expect a knowledgeable golf pro to help them make their decision. Several studies have shown that golfers are “showrooming”, that is, researching online then purchasing at the pro shop. A Deloitte study found that 70% of potential customers would look up your name online before making a purchase. Pro shops must differentiate themselves from big-box stores and other online retailers by offering an experience in store that is memorable and delights customers.

Chronogolf offers many unique features to help you stand out from the rest. The staff have easy access to all product information. Staff can access product data on their iPad and be with customers anywhere they are.

  • Check if an item is available in stock and what size and color options.
  • Complete product data, with full, crisp pictures of the item and manufacturer-furnished information
  • You can tap on any of the categories or tags in your system to find related items. This will help you upsell and suggest alternative products.


3. Create personal interactions with your customers

Service is an important aspect of pro shops that can help them compete against larger retailers. In a survey, three-quarters of Americans said that they spend more on services if the experience is positive. You can create an outstanding customer experience for your customers by personalizing your interactions with them.
The best golf POS lets you look up customers’ spending habits as well as keep track of their personal preferences. Chronogolf lets you know who the 20% really is if your 80/20 business rule applies. Just pull up the report on sales by customer, and you’ll see who’s shopping with you most.


4. This is the best POS available to make you Web-savvy

With almost two-thirds of consumers researching potential purchases online before coming into the store, it’s more critical than ever for a golf course to have an online presence. While online sales are still relatively low — only 7% of all retail sales in the US and 13% in the UK — customers are overwhelmingly looking you up before completing the transaction in your pro shop.

Due to the complexity involved in managing multiple channels, it has been difficult for golf courses to move towards omnichannel environments. This is slowly changing. Many people now offer online booking and shopping. Over one quarter of those who have an online shop expect their revenues to rise by over 20% within the next year.

The best golf POS is makes omnichannel sales easier for golf courses, with features such as:

  • Inventory management from one location
  • Accurate reporting of inventory movements
  • Modern, beautiful design featuring your shop brand and URL.
  • This template is quick and simple to implement, with an optimized checkout experience
  • Host your entire site on SSL secure server


5. You should spend more time selling than managing technology

Online tutorials are available, as well as 24/7 chat support. We are proud to offer the kind of service we would expect from our customers. Our experts can help you decide what other applications to add on as your golf course’s needs expand. And because Chronogolf is hosted in the cloud, you’ll always be using the latest technology. There’s no need to be concerned about server maintenance or updates. All that’s taken care of for you.

We know that opening a golf course isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be overly complicated, either. Chronogolf can help you realize your dreams of owning a business, starting with the first steps to opening an internet store. Having the right tools and information at your fingertips can be the difference between “winging it” and “killing it”.

Cyndy Lane