5 Pro Shop Layout and Design Tips to Increase Sales

The most popular place to go for golf pros is the pro shop. The centerpiece of a Golf Club. The retail center is also a gathering place, where you can have a chat, initiate new fittings, and sign up for the next club event.

To most-effectively drive golf shop sales, golf shop owners, head professionals and retail merchandisers must have product in the golf shop that members and customers will want to buy – that means desired merchandise at a good price. Conversation and getting to know the clientele is key to understanding what product to sell.

The shop must be clean, neat, and attractive. It should also be easy to use. Properly utilizing one’s open-to-buy will ensure you don’t overstock your shelves or under-deliver on your members’ expectations. 

These are some tips and layouts to increase your sales of a golf shop.

Like a professional, manage inventory

Our inventory spreadsheet template is free and can be used to help you keep track of sales, purchases, and your items.

To encourage sales, place the most popular items at the back.

Did you have a time when you went to the grocery store for one gallon of milk and came home with three shopping bags? Don’t feel bad, we’ve all been there. Customers will have to navigate your golf store’s maze of goodies if they don’t see the most sought-after items.

Are you a big Peter Millar fan? Headwear is it the most-sold item in your store? You might require that all golfers check in before they play. These destinations should be far away from the main entrance. Even if members of your team are focused on getting to the range quickly, they will find it difficult to walk back to the shop after playing 18 holes.

Mollie Plocher (the owner of 2Hemispheres in Oregon City, Oregon, says it’s wise to put destination categories within your shop. Her experience spans more than 20 years helping merchandise managers and golf shop owners maximize their member experience via golf shop design, execution, and training.   


Rotate visual merchandising displays often

Your members may be on site three to five times a week. It could be a challenge to entice them into your retail space with every visit, but with creative visual merchandising techniques, done frequently and with a planned strategy, you could attract your most active members to browse your wares every time they’re at the club.  

Many clubs’ golf shops are within easy reach of their members and their guests. Your shop is often visible from members’ locker rooms and practice areas, as well as on the way from the course to the pub or restaurant. The golf shop manager has the responsibility of creating eye-catching signs that draw these people in, allowing them to stop and check out the shop. New layout they haven’t seen before.  

The golf shop entry should be open for rotating different products – gifts during the holiday season, a new men’s line or women’s apparel to coincide with your big women’s events.

There should be destination locations for shoes, headwear, women’s apparel and your best-selling men’s lines. These departments must be rotated frequently. It may be done weekly or monthly in some shops. However, when you walk outside of the golf shop’s walls, you might see other members from outside. Consider what may draw you in, such as vibrant colors and great logos.

 Jim Schouller, the PGA Head Professional and golf shop owner at Abenaqui Country Club in New Hampshire, aims to “visually stimulate his consumers as soon as they walk through the door.” He wants them to be so enthralled by the merchandise, the displays and the very vibe of the golf shop that they will be “eagerly awaiting what might be around the next corner” as they browse his aisles. 


To create an entirely new experience for members, completely overhaul the golf shop

It’s important to know the Hot and cold zonesIn a golf shop. Each retail store has one. No matter what location you place it, your top-selling merchandise will always sell. That’s why you should put them in the rear as a destination, or in a cold zone where nothing seems to sell.

You should also change displays and move apparel from one location to the next, or alter those destinations locations, as we have mentioned previously. At least two times per year, your golf shop must be completely remodeled. Move shelving units, racks, nesting tables, mannequins and fixtures around your golf shop to create an entirely new look that members won’t be able to resist.  

Rob Jarvis, Bangor Municipal Golf Course in Maine receives input from his vendors. They see many different golf shops while on the road. They know the best practices and what doesn’t. In fact, Jarvis says that he’s had sales reps actually roll up their sleeves and help him move tables and fixtures from one part of the shop to another. These are priceless relationships.

A complete overhaul of your golf shop might be in order if the woodwork, counters, and displays are old or unreliable. renovation. Think about your budget and your goals. Also, think about what renovations can do for you. The Board will review it and give their opinion. It worked at Wynlakes Golf & Country Club in Alabama and Dunwoody Country Club in Georgia. Their golf shops have a new look and experience thanks to the renovations. 


Customers should feel and touch.

Chip King allows members to try out demo clothing items before placing an order at Grandfather Golf and Country Club. Chip King receives feedback about fit, style and fabric quality, as well as comfort. He then brings back what he believes members will purchase. 

It is a policy that many other professionals have adopted. Let members feel and touchThe fabrics. Haggin Oaks Sacramento even has personal shoppers to help their customers Find the perfect merchandise combinationFor them one-on-1

True, some shops may keep the golf shirt in its original plastic packaging. The dust will be obvious the next time you get one of these bags. You can’t sell apparel out of a plastic bag. It will be more attractive if it is displayed prominently than if it were hidden in a bag. 

Plocher of 2Hemispheres refers to them as member shops and not golf shops. The shop at a club is just another service you’re providing your members. Remember that members are the ones who decide what merchandise you have in your store. You should make them feel special and offer a memorable shopping experience each time they pass your door.


You can seal the deal by gaining product knowledge

These are all key factors in driving sales for golf shops. Your staff must be able to provide a personal shopping experience. The field is staffed with experts

Selling apparel can be just as complicated. PGA Professionals must deal with the details of each driver. Learn the pros and cons for each brand by comparing different fabrics, colors and fittings. Full-time jobFor sales associates 

Think of a member who invests time and money in the success of their associate. If they go home and love the garments, you’ve earned a long-term customer. If, however, they get the items home, try them on in their own environment, and hate them, you have a trust problem on your hands, and the customer’s shopping experience is sullied. 

Small Biz Sense Golf is a golf course management tool that allows you to give your sales representatives the capability of viewing customer histories and profiles. This knowledge will allow your sales staff to suggest products that complement the previous purchases of your customers. 


Your pro shop will be a success

If you’re looking to increase your pro shop sales, take these points into consideration. Follow these best practices from Merchandising 101 to provide a memorable and interactive customer experience. 

Take payments, special orders and more with Small Biz Sense Golf’s one-stop golf course management platform. Speak to industry expertsFind out how to make sure your customers are satisfied every time you open your shop. 

Cyndy Lane