10 Email Marketing Ideas for Your Golf Course

Email personalization is an essential marketing strategy for getting your customers to fully engage with you business. 92% of customers  expect brands to send them personalized communications and A higher percentage of 80% will make a purchase when a brand’s marketing campaigns are more targeted. 

Luckily, coming up with smart, engaging email content for your course doesn’t have to be difficult. Thanks to Software for marketing automationIt is possible to create customized campaigns which automatically notify customers when they meet certain criteria or perform certain actions. 

These are 10 email marketing strategies that will increase your customer loyalty, retention, and revenue for the golf course.  

1. Book channel 

2. Loyalty Points 

3. Celebrations in the Round

4. Celebrate birthday

5. The Handicap Milestone 

6. Opened but didn’t click 

7. What have you done? 

8. Pro shop promotion

9. Re-engagement

10. Your business will grow

Transform one-time customers to regular customers

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1. Segment by booking channel

Your software tracks which channel each reservation is coming from. It’s important to understand exactly how a customer made a booking. No matter if they booked online. Distributor partnerEvery booking channel requires its own message, be it a phone call or a mobile application.

To encourage people to book their tee time through a distributor partner, you might send them an email encouraging them to use your app and website. This will help reduce distribution costs. You might also want to encourage people who make bookings by phone to use your app or website. SiteInstead, use a mobile app to make your employees more productive.  

Sending promotions to customers who book via your preferred channel can be a great way to recognize them. Customers who use your app and website regularly may be eligible for a reward. 


2. Segment by loyalty balance

You can get a Customer loyalty points programYou can set up automated email triggers that send emails to customers who have reached a specific loyalty point balance.

Emails can contain anything, from reminders to use loyalty points in-store, thank you messages for top customers or promotions offering double loyalty points. 


3. Congratulation on the 10th, 15th and 20th rounds

Send a celebratory message to a player who has reached a set number of rounds. You can send them successive emails to celebrate each milestone, and keep track of their performance as they play more. 

A graphic that expands as the player plays more rounds can be included if you have the necessary graphic design skills. This email is a great way to brand your course and encourage customers who are already familiar with your courses to play more. 

The best part is that you can also place an email promotion such as a golf ball deal or deal on food. 


4. It’s your birthday

It’s common for people to look for fun things to do on their birthday, which makes it a great opportunity to promote your golf course. Your loyalty platform must collect and keep birth data in order to accomplish this. 

Then, use automated email triggers to send a succession of emails or a one-off email before a players’ birthday. You can also use their birthday date to offer special deals if you have difficulty getting them to provide it.


5. The Handicap Milestone

Your customers will be delighted when you congratulate them for reaching a particular handicap. Send an email to your customer congratulating them on achieving a certain handicap. Then, offer discounts on additional rounds. A player that is constantly improving their game will likely be looking to get more rounds.


6. Opened but didn’t click

A high open rate and low click rate means your email is appealing enough for people to open it. However, the contents of the email may not impress. When you send an email to people who didn’t click after opening, be mindful about what your email contains, and make sure whatever’s inside is more appealing. 

You can use this automated tactic to consistently remarket to an audience likely to respond to your larger emails.


7. What have you done?

If a golfer played ten rounds last year, but hasn’t played any rounds this year, there’s an opportunity to win them back through email. 

You can set up automated emails that are sent to you when an expectation isn’t met using email marketing software. If someone played less than five rounds in this year’s tournament but more than five last year. You can offer a variety of promotional options based on the number of interactions required to convince customers to book with you again.


8. Smart pro shop promotion emails

Your golf POSA wide variety of customer data can be captured, so it is very beneficial to include customer purchases in your marketing strategy. Sending marketing emails that are based on a customer’s past purchases is a powerful way to get customers to buy similar or complementary items.

For example, you could use your marketing software and see which customers bought polos at your shop in the last year. Automated email blasts to promote similar items and matching clothing products in order to increase sales. 

9. Re-engage never clickers

Email marketing is a process that involves both most engaged and least engaged subscribers. To get the least engaged subscribers to act, create special campaigns.  

A catchy subject line is the first step to engaging your audience in an email. You can use humor, emojis, friendly tones, or any other approach that you think will motivate your readers to open the email. Many clever ideas are available. Subject line tip Here are some tips and tricks that will help you raise your open rates.

Once you’ve come up with an enticing subject line, the body of your email needs to be equally compelling. Make sure to include eye-catching graphics and calls-to action for more clicks. 


10. Your business will grow

There might be players that only reach your driving range, or prefer to play nine holes. With email marketing, there’s an opportunity to upsell longer games to these customers. 

Your CRM can be used to create a list that only plays 9 holes or has only been on the driving range a few times. Send your players an invitation for an 18-hole round.


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