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Heyyy there! I’m Kim the founder of Small Business Sense. Glad that you stopped by to check out the site. I am currently the main content producer for the Small Business Sense blog, but I am currently opening the blog up for guest posting and content syndication opportunities.
Want to contribute to the Small Business Sense Blog? Great! There’s two ways do so.  You can submit individual blog posts or you can have your content syndicated on the site.  Topics covered on the blog are as follows:

  • Small Business Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Small Business Technology
  • How to Guides and Step by Step Tutorials
  • Interviews and Hot Topics

So What Do You Need to do to Become a Featured Contributor to the Small Business Sense Blog?

We’re veryyy picky about what we accept!  To get your content featured or syndicated here on the blog, your articles MUST include the following:

  • At least 1,000 words of content
  • Research to back up any statistical data and etc., that you add to your posts
  • Be well  optimized for the search engines
  • Is  100% original content
  • Is proofread and free of grammatical errors
  • SEO friendly with your main keyword used no more than 5 times in your blog post

The Benefits of Contributing to the Small Business Sense Blog

Small Business Sense receives over 150k-200k visitors per month and reaches a very large audience.

What this means for you: More exposure and the opportunity to get in front of a wider range of readers.

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